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February 2009

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A Question of Knowledge 2009-02-27 defenceWeb
Depth of A400M military transport aircraft crisis disclosed 2009-02-27 Polity.org.za
SA Mine-Safe Vehicle Makes Mark Abroad 2009-02-25 Business Day
Zuma 'Will Drop Out If Necessary' 2009-02-25 Cape Argus
Nine Judges to Decide on Hlophe Appeal Case 2009-02-25 Business Day
Airbus Blow to SA Tasks In Africa 2009-02-24 Business Day
Navy May Escort Convoys in Pirate-infested Waters 2009-02-23 Cape Times
Glimmers of Horror as Zuma's Missing Years Come to Light 2009-02-22 Sunday Times
UDM Leader Launches Stinging Attack on Zuma 2009-02-22 Cape Argus
Exercise Good Hope II 2009-02-22 SAAF Website
ANC Makes Its Case for Zuma 2009-02-21 Business Day
Arms Deal May Come to Haunt Thabo Mbeki 2009-02-20 Sowetan
Scopa ‘Stifled Information on Arms Deal’ 2009-02-20 Sowetan
Niehaus's Lobola Splurg 2009-02-20 Cape Times
Not Neutral At All 2009-02-20 Business Day
The Case for Zuma’s Defence 2009-02-20 Business Day
What could happen if approach to NPA fails 2009-02-20 Business Day
Ethics Unhinged 2009-02-20 Mail and Guardian
Judicious Intervention 2009-02-20 Mail and Guardian
Why Did Zuma Want Niehaus? 2009-02-20 Mail and Guardian
Satan, Again? 2009-02-19 Cape Argus
Zille Urges Zuma to Step Down 2009-02-19 Mail and Guardian
Who’s (sic) Smiling Face Should We Choose? 2009-02-19 The Witness
Zuma Appeal has ’Poor Chance’ at Success -NPA 2009-02-18 Business Day

SDP Inquiry Postponed Until After Election ***

2009-02-18 defenceWeb
'ANC Knew Niehaus Would Be Exposed' 2009-02-18 Cape Argus
Pikoli 'Axed to Protect Zuma' 2009-02-18 Cape Argus
Demise of Scorpions ‘Hits Arms Inquiry’ 2009-02-18 Business Day
Explosive Arms Deal Dossier Put On Hold  *** 2009-02-18 Sowetan
Zuma’s Legal Team to Sit Down with NPA 2009-02-17 Business Day
Jail Time Needed 2009-02-17 Business Day
Zuma Fatigue 2009-02-17 Business Day
NPA Must Ask Itself How Zuma Case Will Help SA 2009-02-17 Business Day
Public Interest is Paramount 2009-02-17 Business Day
Pikoli Serves Papers 2009-02-17 Independent Online
Dispute Over Arms Deal Goes Before Parliament  *** 2009-02-17 Sowetan
Niehaus Has No Degree: Report 2009-02-17 Cape Times
End of Scorpions Could Harm Arms Deal Probe 2009-02-17 Sapa
Best-selling Author Urges New Probe into Arms Deal 2009-02-17 Sapa
Pikoli Moves Quickly After Hearing His Fate 2009-02-17 Cape Argus
Pikoli Removed From Office 2009-02-17 Cape Argus
French Senate Reveals Extent of Transport Aircraft Programme Crisis 2009-02-16 Engineering News
Is the ANC Falling Apart? 2009-02-14 Cape Argus
Police Out to Nail NPA Bosses 2009-02-14 Sunday Times
Army's Top Officer Admits Mistakes 2009-02-13 Independent Online
I've made massive mistakes: Niehaus 2009-02-13 Cape Times
Pikoli ‘Messed Up in His Duties’ 2009-02-12 Business Day
Scopa Warned on Political Agenda 2009-02-11 Cape Argus
DA Slams President's 'Misguided' Stance 2009-02-11 Cape Argus
Scopa to Ask Questions over Arms Deal Graft 2009-02-11 Pretoria News
Zuma Submissions 'Ready for NPA' 2009-02-10 The Mercury
A Resumé of Vast Holes and Enormous Blotches 2009-02-09 Business Day
Forcing Zuma On Us Is Truly Tragic 2009-02-09 Business Day
Zuma's Lawyers to Make Representations 2009-02-09 Independent Online
Pikoli the Conscience in Our Heart of Darkness 2009-02-08 Sunday Independent
Clearing Up the Zuma Confusion 2009-02-08 Sunday Independent
Zuma Pledges Not to Squash Charges 2009-02-08 Cape Argus
Mkhize’s Ambitions ‘Bothers on Stupidity’ 2009-02-07 Business Day
The Political Art of Cheerleading 2009-02-06 Mail and Guardian
We'll Back Zuma to the Hilt, Vows ANC 2009-02-05 Cape Argus
ANC Wants to Quash Zuma Case - COPE 2009-02-05 Cape Argus
Net Closing in on Chippy Shaik over R30m Bribe 2009-02-05 Sowetan
NPA may Face Battle with President 2009-02-05 Business Day
DTI says Thales Has Met All Arms-deal Offset Obligations 2009-02-04 Engineering News
No Agreement on Date for Corruption Trial 2009-02-04 Business Day
Zuma Takes His Battle to Concourt 2009-02-04 Cape Times
Zuma, Moynoy (sic) Enter Dock 2009-02-04 Cape Times
Zuma Case Set Down for August 25 2009-02-04 Cape Times
Judge Postpones Zuma's Graft Hearing 2009-02-04 Cape Times
SCOPA Hears “Arms Deal” Detail as Thales and President-Presumptive Jacob Zuma Appear in Court 2009-02-04 defenceWeb
Appeal Court Judgment 'Flawed' - Lawyers 2009-02-04 Cape Argus
NPA Releases Zuma, Thint Timeline 2009-02-04 Cape Argus
I Won't Step Down As ANC Candidate: Zuma 2009-02-04 Sapa
Zuma Won't Step Down 2009-02-04 Sapa
Zuma's Time Would Be Spent on Legal Issues 2009-02-04 Sapa
President On Trial Will Be Embarrassing: ANCYL 2009-02-04 Sapa
All The President’s Expenses 2009-02-03 The Witness
New Evidence Warrants Probe into Arms Deal : DA 2009-02-03 Sapa
New Efforts to Reopen Arms-Deal Inquiry 2009-02-03 Mail and Guardian
Concourt: We Want Hard Copies 2009-02-03 Cape Times
15 000 Expected at Zuma Court Appearance 2009-02-03 Cape Argus
ANC Courthouse Rally 'A Diversion' - Analyst 2009-02-03 Cape Argus
Just Who is Stalling the Zuma Trial? 2009-02-03 Cape Argus
Zuma Files Concourt Papers 2009-02-03 Business Day
Zuma Concourt Papers to be Filed Monday 2009-02-02 Sapa
Zille Warns on Zuma Lawyer for NPA Post 2009-02-02 Business Day
Lead Scorpions Investigator Quits 2009-02-02 Cape Argus
Dear Reader: Zuma before the court of public opinion 2009-02-01 Noseweek