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February 2014

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Arms deal critics: Seriti commission must continue 2014-02-27 Mail and Guardian
Commission gives Young five days *** 2014-02-25 The Witness
Seriti soek dik pak dokumente binne 5 dae *** 2014-02-25 Die Burger
"Seriti probe’s cautious style risks hiding dirty secrets" 2014-02-23 Sunday Times
Editorial: Shut down the arms deal farce 2014-02-21 Mail and Guardian
Erwin admits arms contracts fell short 2014-02-18 News24
Erwin’s arms deal offset flop 2014-02-16 City Press
David Gleason: Columnist who became paid voice of Brett Kebble 1941-2014 2014-02-16 Sunday Times
Numbers crunch time for deal 2014-02-16 Sunday Argus
Internal audit report reveals failures in arms deal offsets 2014-02-14 defenceWeb
Arms deal probe should not be scrapped - activist 2014-02-08 News24
So Many Bribes, a Greek Official Can't Recall Them All 2014-02-07 New York Times
Don't scrap arms deal: activist 2014-02-07 Independent Newspapers
Cancelled spy satellite deal led to R115m claim 2014-02-09 Sunday Times
Thieves’ gem haul at Shaik home 2014-02-06 Independent Newspapers
THIS IS THE BUSINESS: Books are mightier than the commission 2014-02-02 Sunday Times
The Sunday Times and that spy satellite: Very old news (with a new twist) 2014-02-01 Noseweek