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January 2009

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Pikoli Warns Motlanthe of Legal Action 2009-01-29 Business Day
Zuma Questions 2009-01-29 Business Day
Zuma Could Be President When Charged 2009-01-29 The Star
Zuma to Fight Till the End 2009-01-29 Cape Times
Doubts Over Man Tipped to Become Prosecutions Boss 2009-01-28 The Star
Armscor Readies Vistula RfO 2009-01-27 defenceWeb
Pikoli Case Will 'End Up in Court' 2009-01-27 Cape Times
Senior Durban Advocate Tipped to Replace Pikoli 2009-01-27 Cape Times
Zuma Misses Deadline 2009-01-27 The Citizen
NPA: there's no court procedure on this 2009-01-27 Independent Online
Zuma Misses Deadline Over Corruption Allegations 2009-01-27 Cape Times
Zuma Judge Named 2009-01-27 Cape Times
Solution Lies at the Trial Court 2009-01-26 Business Day
Zuma’s New Court Date to be Set 2009-01-25 Business Day
Zuma Seeks to Fast-track Corruption Cases 2009-01-24 Mail and Guardian
Holomisa : 'Judge Peddled Conspiracy Theory' 2009-01-23 Mail and Guardian
Zuma’s Attorney 'Freaks Out' 2009-01-23 Mail and Guardian
Justice Has Not Been Served 2009-01-23 Mail and Guardian
Chikane Faces Opposition Doubt over Pikoli Axing 2009-01-22 Business Day
Shaik Gets R5m from State 2009-01-22 Business Day
Shaik Gets R5m in 'Secret Deal' with The State 2009-01-22 Cape Times
The Importance of Nicholson 2009-01-20 Business Day
Pikoli says Selebi Case was His Undoing 2009-01-20 The Citizen
Criminal Case May Cramp Zuma Presidency 2009-01-20 Cape Argus
ANC Leaders Confirm Own Legal Action to Save Zuma 2009-01-20 Sapa
South African Defense Sector Structured to Weather Domestic Political Climate 2009-01-19 ASD Network
ANC to Release Statement on Zuma's Case 2009-01-19 Cape Times
NPA vs Zuma - Are They Going to Deal? 2009-01-19 Cape Times
The Thick End of The Wedge 2009-01-19 Business Day
How Can They Sleep Soundly at Night? 2009-01-18 Sunday Times
Come Hell Or Aliens, Zuma Rules 2009-01-18 Sunday Times
All-Out Bid to Save Zuma 2009-01-18 Sunday Independent
Motlanthe to be Forced to Investigate Arms Deal *** 2009-01-17 Business Day
Nicholson May Be Vindicated in The End 2009-01-17 Business Day
Politicians Holding Court 2009-01-17 Business Day
Jacob Zuma Faces a Presidential Nightmare 2009-01-17 The Star
What Is Zuma Hiding... 2009-01-16 The Citizen
Is this Admission of Corruption? 2009-01-16 Cape Argus
Zuma, ANC to 'Spill The Beans on Arms Deal' 2009-01-16 News24
A Cynical Appeal 2009-01-16 Business Day
Time to Come Clean 2009-01-16 Mail and Guardian
Harms’s Double Whammy 2009-01-16 Mail and Guardian
Why Zuma Must Step Down 2009-01-16 Mail and Guardian
A Right Judicial Balls-up 2009-01-16 Mail and Guardian
Redcarded! 2009-01-16 Mail and Guardian
ANC’s Plan to Save Zuma 2009-01-16 Mail and Guardian
Malema: NPA Must Drop Zuma Charges 2009-01-15 Cape Argus
Russians Put Out Welcome Mat on Nuke Missile Cruiser 2009-01-15 Cape Argus
Was the SCA Right to 'Braai' Nicholson? 2009-01-15 politicsweb
Odd Judgment 2009-01-15 Business Day
Zuma Turns To Constitutional Court 2009-01-15 Business Day
Zuma has been the prime cause of delays in his trial 2009-01-15 Cape Argus
New Judge for the Bench in Zuma Trial 2009-01-15 Cape Argus
Judging the Judges 2009-01-14 Cape Argus
Judge Will 'Take Criticism In Stride' 2009-01-14 Cape Argus
Should Nicholson Be Investigated? 2009-01-14 Cape Argus
Zuma and the Courts 2009-01-14 Cape Argus
Zuma to Approach Constitutional Court 2009-01-14 Business Day
Mbeki Takes Swipe at Judge over ‘Deliberate Falsehoods’ 2009-01-14 Business Day
A Damning Judgment 2009-01-13 Cape Argus
MPs Should Put Arms Deal on Agenda - Panel 2009-01-13 Cape Argus
Zuma Judgment : Mbeki's Full Statement 2009-01-13 Cape Argus
Nicholson May Have to Defend His Decision 2009-01-13 Cape Argus
Mbeki Pleased with SCA Ruling 2009-01-13 Cape Argus
Zuma - The Latest 2009-01-13 Cape Argus
Zuma ‘Solutions’ Will Tell Us Where SA is Heading 2009-01-13 Business Day
Double-Edged Sword of the Zuma Ruling 2009-01-13 Business Day
Judges Crush Verdict That Sunk Thabo Mbeki 2009-01-13 Business Day
Political Deal Looms for Zuma 2009-01-13 Cape Times
Zuma's Day In Court 2009-01-12 The Citizen
Zuma Remains Charged : NPA 2009-01-12 Sapa
Appeal Court Ruling in Zuma Corruption Case 2009-01-12 Sapa
Zuma Loses Appeal Hearing 2009-01-12 Sapa
Zuma Loses 2009-01-12 Cape Argus
Zuma Trial Back On 2009-01-12 Cape Argus
Court Opens Way for New Charges Against Zuma 2009-01-12 Business Day
Talk of Deal to Resolve Marathon Zuma Case 2009-01-12 Business Day
Judge Nicholson Red-Carded by SCA 2009-01-12 Mail and Guardian
Nicholson May Return to Sit on 'Zuma Bench' 2009-01-11 Sunday Independent
Motlanthe May Answer to Another Arms Deal Lawsuit 2009-01-10 The Star
Political Tsunami Set to Swamp SA 2009-01-10 The Star
Ailing Shaik Could Be Free Within Months 2009-01-10 The Star
‘Zuma-NPA Deal Would Be Logical’ 2009-01-09 Sunday Times
Zuma-NPA deal is ’logical’ thing to do - ANC 2009-01-09 Business Day
Pikoli Committee ‘Must Focus on Law’ 2009-01-09 Business Day
Interview with Kgalema Mothlante 2009-01-09 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Eyeing NPA Deal 2009-01-09 Cape Times
President and Pikoli Top Parliament’s Busy Agenda 2009-01-08 Business Day
Pikoli ‘Could Take President to Court’ 2009-01-07 Business Day