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July 2013

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South Africaís Sad Military: Why Maintenance Matters 2013-07-25 Defense Industry Daily
What to do about Zuma's spy tapes? 2013-07-25 Mail and Guardian
SA Air Force in crisis - DA 2013-07-24 News24
Arms Deal's SA 'contribution' 2013-07-24 Volksblad
DA takes action over spy tapes 2013-07-24 Independent Online
Account for arms fiasco 2013-07-19 Mail and Guardian
Arms deal kingpin was 'tipped off' 2013-07-19 Mail and Guardian
NPA head blocked arms deal probe *** 2013-07-19 Mail and Guardian
Young is keen to cross-examine Zuma *** 2013-07-18 Sowetan
Arms whistleblower loses faith in probe *** 2013-07-17 The Times
SAAF has no Gripen support contract  *** 2013-07-17 defenceWeb
Seriti says who should speak *** 2013-07-16 Beeld
Mbeki, Manuel to appear as witnesses at arms commission *** 2013-07-15 Mail and Guardian
Top military hospital unfit to treat Madiba 2013-07-14 Sunday Times
Arms commission runs out of cash 2013-07-14 Sunday Argus
Arms deal inquiry to start on August 5 2013-07-11 Independent Online
Seriti hearings start  *** 2013-07-10 Beeld
Arms deal probe set *** 2013-07-12 The Citizen
Nkandla: Donít look away again 2013-07-07 City Press
Navy OPVs will be based in Durban 2013-07-03 defenceWeb
Hoefyster production contract on the way 2013-07-01 defenceWeb
Arms procurement commission offices in flames 2013-07-01 Mail and Guardian
Yengeni urged mates to keep mum 2013-07-01 Noseweek
At last: Arms Deal secrets bubble to the surface 2013-07-01 Noseweek