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June 2011

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Arms deal probe cannot be avoided 2011-06-30 Business Day
Pressure mounts to blow arms deal open 2011-06-26 Independent Online
Arms deal shame exposed 2011-06-26 Independent Online
Shock claim of R100m in UK arms deal payoffs 2011-06-24 Business Day
BAE's 'bribery' channel 2011-06-24 Mail and Guardian
DA releases purported arms deal consultancy contracts 2011-06-23 Sunday Times
Scopa to meet about arms deal 2011-06-22 Cape Times
Arms deal probe reopened 2011-06-21 Independent Online
Saab’s ‘bribe’ admission makes new case for inquiry 2011-06-21 Business Day
Letters To The Editor : Business Day 2011-06-20 Business Day
Arms deal payments ‘could be legal’ 2011-06-20 Business Day
Have you seen Hlongwane? 2011-06-19 City Press
Saab Completes Internal Investigation Regarding Consultant Contract in South Africa 2011-06-17 ASD News
New arms deal bombshell 2011-06-17 Sunday Times
Swedish giant says its British partner BAE paid out R24m to clinch sale of 28 Gripens 2011-06-17 The Star
Bribe admission re-ignites arms deal saga 2011-06-17 News24
Saab admits secret arms-deal payments 2011-06-17 Mail and Guardian
'Hawks must probe new arms-deal bribery claims' 2011-06-17 Mail and Guardian
Manuel's condemnation of corruption is hypocritical 2011-06-14 Sunday Times
BAE Systems sells entire stake in Saab 2011-06-09 defenceWeb
DA to hand over arms deal memo to Parliament 2011-06-05 Mail and Guardian
Shaik ‘kluts kwyt’, kry behandeling 2011-06-05 Rapport
The memo that sank the arms probe  *** 2011-06-03 Mail and Guardian