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June 2013

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Local defence industry needs consolidation, support 2013-06-28 defenceWeb
'Simelane killed arms deal probe' 2013-06-26 Mail and Guardian
‘King of Commodities’ dies in Switzerland, aged 78 2013-06-26 Business Day
SA Navy in process of refurbishing 2013-06-25 Baird Maritime
Arms-deal probe hits hurdles *** 2013-06-21 Mail and Guardian
More arms deal allegations surface 2013-06-18 defenceWeb
Der Riese vom Ruhrgebiet - Im Sog von Korruption und Misswirtschaft 2013-06-16 tagesschau 24
Revealed: Yengeni's R6-million 'kickback' agreement 2013-06-14 Mail and Guardian
As Arms Deal hearings come closer, more allegations emerge 2013-06-11 defenceWeb
SA Navy leads anti-piracy drive 2013-06-09 News24
Recipients of bribes to be named in UK arms deal report 2013-06-09 Sunday Times
Profound neglect’ at South African Air Force bases 2013-06-07 Business Day
Whorehouse at the foot of Africa 2013-06-01 Noseweek