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March 2013

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Today Bangui, tomorrow Berlin 2013-03-31 Sunday Times
Nhlanhla Gasa: cashed in on strong ANC connections 2013-03-31 Sunday Times
Sweden’s SAAB snaps up axed Denel staff 2013-03-24 Business Day
Shady arms deals ­ guess who always benefits 2013-03-24 Business Day
Dealmaker and Gallic charmer 2013-03-24 Sunday Times
Arms and the man who would be king 2013-03-24 Sunday Times
Rats overboard, new lot at helm 2013-03-24 Sunday Times
Hofsaak dreig teen regter 2013-03-23 Die Burger
Seriti faces court over arms deal queries, says advocate 2013-03-22 Mail and Guardian
Another mystery death linked to Malaysia submarine scandal 2013-03-20 AP News
NS Durban to be OPVs home port 2013-03-20 defenceWeb
Time to make the high seas our business ­ for our future 2013-03-19 Business Day
Nepotism claims levelled at arms deal commission *** 2013-03-17 Sunday Times
Billiton must lift veil on Eskom prices 2013-03-15 Fin24
Trae verslae ‘wys op chaos’ by wapenkommissie *** 2013-03-15 Beeld
Arms commission hiding evidence, witness says *** 2013-03-15 Mail and Guardian
‘Seriti should show Juju-style urgency’ 2013-03-13 INLSA
Arms commission witness lashes Seriti over ANC claims 2013-03-11 Mail and Guardian
Arms deal commission: No free pass for ANC 2013-03-11 News24
Arms deal activist has poser for judge 2013-03-10 Weekend Argus
ANC gets free pass in arms probe 2013-03-10 Sunday Times
Commission or whitewash? 2013-03-10 Sunday Times
Arms deal witnesses 'muzzled' 2013-03-11 The Times
Explosion of military millions 2013-03-08 Mail and Guardian
Arms deal probe: Seriti's wife went along for the ride 2013-03-08 Mail and Guardian
Seriti vra meer geld 2013-03-07 Beeld
Navy commences with Exercise Red Lion 2013 2013-03-05 defenceWeb
Uncertain future for Armscor 2013-03-01 defenceWeb
Seriti commission can easily grab the ‘low-hanging fruit’ 2013-03-01 Business Day