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May 2013

***  Indicates articles with references to C²I² Systems

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SANDF can earn its keep and assist in development 2013-05-30 Business Day
Radebe stonewalls questions about Zuma documents 2013-05-29 Business Day
CCII Systems engages the services of NG Associates to compete for a piece of Canada's National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy  *** 2013-05-28 Aerospace and Defense News (ASDNews)
Military spending need not be ruinous to the economy 2013-05-27 Business Day
SA needs answers to arms deal *** 2013-05-26 Sunday Argus
Arms firm bribed minister - proof 2013-05-26 Sunday Times
Arms deal inquiry’s sins of omission 2013-05-19 Independent Online
Arms deal inquiry awaits proof 2013-05-19 Sunday Independent
Arms deal witnesses ‘threatened’ *** 2013-05-19 Sunday Independent
Arms deal commission accused of intimidation *** 2013-05-19 Sunday Argus
Feature: SANDF – Optimum Force Design 2013-05-07 defenceWeb