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November 2009

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Simelane Fit for Office: Radebe 2009-11-30 Sapa
Despicable decision, Mr President 2009-11-29 Sunday Times
Theft gives ex-Shaik company new life 2009-11-29 Timeslive
A sick joke, JZ: Zuma’s first major judicial appointment blunder 2009-11-27 Business Day
Frene Ginwala stands by her criticism of new NPA boss Simelane 2009-11-26 Cape Argus
Simelane appointment 'unlawful' 2009-11-26 News 24
EADS may pull plug on DSA, Aerosud after A400M snub: newspaper 2009-11-26 defenceWeb
‘Hands-on’ Simelane has a different take on prosecuting body 2009-11-26 Business Day
Outrage over NPA boss 2009-11-26 Cape Times
Dismay as Simelane succeeds Vusi Pikoli at NPA 2009-11-26 Business Day
New NPA boss 'lied to commission' 2009-11-25 News 24
Airlifter Comparisons — Airbus Military A400M 2009-11-24 CASR - Canadian American Strategic Review
Paying off Pikoli 2009-11-24 Business Day
LM Super Hercules Deliveries Strengthen USAF and USMC Fleets 2009-11-23 ASD News
UK Announces Approval of 3rd F-35B JSF Purchase 2009-11-23 ASD News
Does R7,5m pave the way for Pikoli's new job? 2009-11-23 Cape Times
Zuma's first step to fight corruption 2009-11-22 Sunday Times
SANDF is on the road to sandals and civvies 2009-11-19 The Times
Zuma tells Cabinet team to tackle corruption scourge 2008-11-19 Business Day
SA inks R1.3bn polar research ship deal 2009-11-18 defenceWeb
Prisons graft probe staggers MPs 2008-11-18 Business Day
SAPS rapped over 'wasteful' R150m private jet 2009-11-18 Cape Times
Pikoli: I would not have cleared Zuma 2009-11-17 Mail and Guardian
Mpshe must explain Zuma decision, says DA 2009-11-15 Cape Times
Pardon could be Zuma's gift to Shaik 2009-11-15 Cape Argus
Judges look into issue of special pardons 2009-11-15 Cape Argus
Beyond the A400M *** 2009-11-13 defenceWeb
Fixing a broken Eskom 2009-11-13 Mail and Guardian
Armscor: More under the radar 2009-11-13 Mail and Guardian
Armscor asks CE to resign 2009-11-11 defenceWeb
'Someone at the NIA broke the law' 2009-11-10 Cape Argus
The high cost of the Airbus move 2009-11-08 Independent Online
Military airbus deal drops its wings *** 2009-11-06 Sowetan
Dropping Airbus 2009-11-06 Business Day
Judge: Shaik case hurt parole 2009-11-05 Cape Argus
Not Much Can Be Done About Arms Deal: Protector 2009-11-05 Sapa
Govt cancels deal to buy 8 planes - for now 2009-11-05 Sowetan
SAfrica cancels military Airbus deal as test flight looms 2009-11-05 ASD News
Airbus A400M Contract Cancelled 2009-11-05 Sapa
Arms funds to Eskom 2009-11-04 Business Day
Desai admits Shaik parole damaged credibility of parole system 2009-11-04 Business Day
Arms dealer buys BEE stake in Aerosud 2009-11-01 Sunday Independent