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October 2007

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Feinstein is Still Seeking Honest Answers from BAE 2007-10-31 Business Report
SA Opens 1st Oil, Gas Shipyard 2007-10-31 Fin24
Denel CEO Warns of Munitions Blowout 2007-10-30 Business Day
Feinstein Recounts Arms Deal Conflicts 2007-10-29 Business Report
The Navy's Lean Manning Policy Creates Shortcomings for the New Frigates 2007-10-29 Cape Argus
All Over Bar Shouting for Comrades In Arms 2007-10-28 Sunday Independent
A Lesson in Ethics 2007-10-24 Business Day
Disbarred US Lawyer Given Top Legal Job at UCT 2007-10-23 politicsweb
Arms Deal 2007-10-22 Cape Times
Arms Deal is Threatening to Blow Up Again as German Investigators Target SA 2007-10-19 Cape Times
Germans Seek Help in Arms Deal Bribe Probe 2007-10-19 The Star
Lekota Backs Move to Suspend Pikoli 2007-10-17 Pretoria News
Motlanthe and Zuma should not be Together 2007-10-17 The Star
Military Accident : 'Stop Speculation' 2007-10-17 Independent Online
Shaik Firm Altered Army Cannon that Killed Nine *** 2007-10-16 The Citizen
SA Losing the Battle Against Corruption 2007-10-16 The Mercury
Did Software Kill Soldiers? 2007-10-16 ITWeb
Speculation Rife over 'Out-of-Control' Cannon *** 2007-10-14 Sunday Tribune
First World Greed Thrives on Corruption 2007-10-13 The Star
9 Killed In Army Horror 2007-10-13 Independent Online
'Throw My Case Out Too' 2007-10-12 The Star
Zuma Presses NPA to Review Case Against Him 2007-10-12 Cape Times
Pikoli Saga Sets Stage for Security Shake-up 2007-10-08 The Star
Stitching Up Pikoli 2007-10-08 Business Day
Shaik's Guilt, Not Zuma's, Upheld by Court 2007-10-07 Sunday Independent
Zuma has Little to Fear from Constitutional Court Decision on Shaik 2007-10-07 Cape Argus
Shaik’s Rap Worse than Man Who Fed Someone to Lions 2007-10-07 The Times
Schabir Shaky After Appeal Fails 2007-10-06 The Star
The Pikoli Affair : Two Views 2007-10-05 Mail and Guardian
Arms : Germans Squeeze Mbeki 2007-10-05 Mail and Guardian
The Desperate Bid to Shield Selebi 2007-10-05 Mail and Guardian
ANC Leaders Divided over Pikoli Axing 2007-10-05 Mail and Guardian
Mo Shaik Maintains Brother Schabir is Innocent 2007-10-05 Cape Argus
Security Agencies Reeling 2007-10-04 The Times
Zuma’s Prospects 2007-10-04 The Witness
Victory for Rule of Law 2007-10-04 The Star
The Third Umpire : Billy Downer SC : In 2007-10-04 Business Day
Competing Rights 2007-10-04 Business Day
Dark Days Indeed 2007-10-04 Business Day
How Shaik's Fate Will Affect Pikoli and Zuma 2007-10-04 Cape Times
Media Scent Political Scandal in Eads Share Probe 2007-10-04 Mail and Guardian
Just say it, Mbeki 2007-10-03 Business Day
Legal Defeat is Taken on The Chin 2007-10-03 The Star
Only a Pardon can Save Schabir 2007-10-03 The Times
Shaik Ruling should Restore Credibility to Maligned Courts 2007-10-03 The Times
Zuma Graft Trial 'Inevitable' 2007-10-03 The Witness
Zuma and His 'Day in Court' 2007-10-03 The Witness
Now Zuma's the Next Target 2007-10-03 The Star
16 judges, 3 trials, 1 Verdict for Shaik 2007-10-03 The Star
Man Who Nailed Shaik Now Eyes Zuma 2007-10-03 The Star
Shaik Finding Turns Legal Heat On Zuma 2007-10-03 Business Day
Shaik Ruling Shifts Focus back to Zuma 2007-10-03 Cape Times
Prosecutors Vow to Finalise Investigation 2007-10-03 Cape Times
Delaying Tactics Do Not Make Sense 2007-10-03 Cape Times
Rule of Law 2007-10-03 Cape Times
Shaik's Family Not Giving Up Fight 2007-10-03 Cape Argus
Shaik's Court Appeal Reaches 'End of a Long Road' 2007-10-03 Mail and Guardian
Schabir Shaik Learns His Fate 2007-10-02 Cape Times
Zuma Goes Under The Microscope Again 2007-10-02 Cape Times
ID Welcomes Court Ruling on Shaik 2007-10-02 Cape Times
Shaik's Appeal Application Dismissed 2007-10-02 Sapa
Why Suspending Pikoli was an Error, Regardless 2007-10-02 Business Day
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! 2007-10-02 The Star
Shaik's Appeal Bid Refused by Concourt 2007-10-02 Cape Argus
Shaik's Hope and Prayer 2007-10-01 The Star
Constitutional Court to Rule Tomorrow on Shaik's Last Bid for Freedom 2007-10-01 Cape Argus