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October 2008

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If the TRC met today ... 2008-10-30 Cape Argus
Zuma Calls for Mbeki Plea to be Struck Off 2008-10-30 Business Day
Hlophe Warns of 'Arrogant' Judges 2008-10-30 Cape Times
Expert Rules Out Hlophe Appeal 2008-10-30 Cape Argus
Lekota has Many Faults : SASFU 2008-10-29 Sapa
'Sharks Supporters, You Beauties' 2008-10-25 Sunday Independent
Smokes, Sex and The Arms Deal 2008-10-24 Mail and Guardian
NPA Hell-bent On Speeding Up Zuma Appeal 2008-10-23 Independent Online
R17bn Extra on Arms Deal, says Ministry 2008-10-23 Cape Argus
ANC Poll Drive Faces New Zuma Hurdle 2008-10-23 Business Day
Denel Firm Costs Taxpayer R660m 2008-10-23 Business Day
On Mo Shaik, Spy Allegations, Arms Deal and Political Conspiracy 2008-10-22 Mail and Guardian
'It Should Not Drag On'  *** 2008-10-22 Cape Times
NPA is Resurrecting Zuma's Trial 2008-10-22 Independent Online
NPA Will Approach SCA in Days 2008-10-22 Independent Online
NPA will Approach SCA in Days 2008-10-22 Sapa
State Granted Leave to Appeal in Zuma Case 2008-10-22 Business Day
Zuma's Lawyers Strike Back at Mbeki Appeal 2008-10-21 Cape Argus
NPA Hopes Third Time Lucky in Zuma Case 2008-10-21 Business Day
The Navy's a Victim of Mud-Slinging 2008-10-20 Cape Argus
Executive Should Have Had a Chance Mbeki 2008-10-15 Business Day
'I Never Plotted Against Zuma' 2008-10-15 Cape Times
Navy Losing Its Skilled Officers 2008-10-13 Cape Argus
Treason Among Charges Faced by SANDF Members 2008-10-13 Cape Argus
JSC 'Restricted by Ruling' 2008-10-11 Business Day
Hlophe Seeks R10m from Highest Court 2008-10-11 Business Day
Can Motlanthe, Zille Be Friends? 2008-10-10 The Star
Mbeki May Still Have to Face Renewed Arms Probe 2008-10-10 The Citizen
"Hlophe Seeks R10m from Highest Court" 2008-10-10 High Court
Denel Seeks R1,7bn to Fulfil Turnaround 2008-10-07 Business Day
Zuma to Face NPA Again 2008-10-06 Cape Argus
Charges Withdrawn Against Zuma Co-accused 2008-10-06 Cape Argus
SA Navy Pledges Its Readiness to Patrol Africa 2008-10-06 Cape Times
Most MK Veterans Never Knew War 2008-10-04 Cape Argus
Running Interference 2008-10-04 Business Day
Zuma Warns Concourt About Mbeki Ruling 2008-10-03 The Star
'Judge Didn't Cost Mbeki His Job' 2008-10-03 Cape Times
Mbeki's Toughest Test Yet 2008-10-03 Mail and Guardian
Mbeki 'Didn't Have to Resign' 2008-10-03 Mail and Guardian
Mbeki's Court Application 'Misconceived, Bad in Law' 2008-10-03 Mail and Guardian
Zuma's Lawyer Tackles Mbeki on 'Conspiracy' 2008-10-03 Business Day
Judge's Findings 'Cnnot be Appealed by Anyone, Including Mbeki'  2008-10-03 Business Day
Up Budget to Keep Navy Afloat *** 2008-10-03 The Citizen
Hospital is Shaik's Prison Cell of Choice 2008-10-02 Business Day
Mbeki 'Didn't Have To Resign' 2008-10-02 Cape Times
White Elephant Country 2008-10-01 Noseweek
NPA Challenges Judge's Ruling on Zuma 2008-10-01 Cape Argus
'You Got It Wrong, Judge' 2008-10-01 Cape Times
Nicholson 'Erred 16 Times' in His Judgment 2008-10-01 Business Day