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October 2013

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Lawyers axed for lack of loyalty to Seriti 2013-10-27 City Press
Seriti ‘likely to arrive at same conclusion as Fakie in inquiry’ 2013-10-21 Business Day
Tranparency needed in arms probe: R2K 2013-10-18 Independent Online
Arms deal inquiry hampered by hidden details 2013-10-15 The Citizen
Transparent process over arms deal – R2K 2013-10-14 The Citizen
Minister refuses to give cost of arms deal 2013-10-09 Independent Online
Government refuses to give cost of Arms deal 2013-10-09 The Citizen
Chippy may be called before Seriti panel 2013-10-02 Independent Online
Armscor not involved in arms deal 2013-10-01 Independent Online