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September 2008

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Lekota Legacy : Vacancies in Armed Forces 2008-09-30 Business Day
Pahad Gives His Perspective 2008-09-28 Cape Times
Don't Sacrifice SA Law over Zuma 2008-09-28 Sunday Times
SACP Fires New Salvo at NPA 2008-09-27 Business Day
SA Navy 'Far from Shipshape' Skills Shortage: 'Basic Repairs Not Being Done' *** 2008-09-26 The Citizen
The Heavy Hand Mbeki and His Five Fingers in the Arms Deal Pie 2008-09-26 Mail and Guardian
Mbeki's 'Breathtaking' Appeal 2008-09-26 Mail and Guardian
Arms: How Mbeki Meddled  *** 2008-09-26 Mail and Guardian
Opposition Warns on Shielding Zuma 2008-09-26 Business Day
Billions to be Spent on Warship: Lekota 2008-09-25 The Citizen
Why the Nicholson Judgment is Flawed 2008-09-24 The Star
Is SA Sub a Dud? 2008-09-24 Cape Times
MPs Rally Behind Mbeki's Court Bid 2008-09-23 Cape Argus
Opposition Wants to Hear Mbeki's Side 2008-09-23 Cape Argus
Mbeki Attacks 'Unfair and Unjust' Nicholson Ruling 2008-09-23 Business Day
Arms Deal Offsets Have Taken Place 2008-09-23 Business Day
Defiant to Bitter End, Mbeki: 'I Did Not Meddle' 2008-09-22 Business Day
The Man Who Brought Down The President 2008-09-21 Cape Argus
Must We Add Prosecutors to List of Failures? 2008-09-21 Sunday Times
Inferences Against Me Based on Unfair Conjecture and Speculation 2008-09-21 Sunday Times
Heath Calls to Prosecute Mbeki, Maduna and Ngcuba (sic) 2008-09-19 The Witness
NPA to Appeal Against Zuma Judgement 2008-09-17 Mail and Guardian
SA, Russia in R1bn cold war


Mail and Guardian
Shaiks Eye Prospect of Pardon 2008-09-14 Sunday Independent
Bheki Jacobs : Blew the Lid on Arms-Deal Corruption *** 2008-09-13 Sunday Times
ANC to Decide Mbeki's Fate after Judge's Verdict 2008-09-13 Sunday Times
Vindicated, But Not Exonerated 2008-09-13 Sunday Times
The Whipping Boy: Blessed Be Thy Strange Neighbour 2008-09-13 Sunday Times
Ruling Dents Mbeki's Repute 2008-09-13 Business Day
Zuma Should Have Been Charged with Shaik: Judge 2008-09-13 Sapa
Go! 2008-09-13 Cape Argus
Zuma Defies Odds to Head for Presidency 2008-09-13 Mail and Guardian
What if Zuma Wins in Court? 2008-09-12 Mail and Guardian
Master of Information *** 2008-09-12 Mail and Guardian
Judgment Extracts 2008-09-12 Nicholson, J
Former NPA Director 'Created' Zuma Situation 2008-09-11 Cape Argus
Magistrate Opens Case Against Scorpions 2008-09-10 Cape Times
Zuma Speaks Up for Independent Courts 2008-09-10 Business Day
NPA, Zuma Legal Team Meet 2008-09-10 News24
Cosatu Wants Zuma Reinstated 2008-09-10 News24
DA Focus on Zuma, Arms Deal 2008-09-09 The Citizen
'Mbeki's Personal Secret Agent' Dies 2008-09-09 Independent Online
ANC Vows 'No Havoc' 2008-09-09 The Witness
ANC Fury at 'Racist' Zuma Cartoon 2008-09-08 Cape Argus
Workers Lose In Zuma Battle 2008-09-07 Sunday Times
Zapiro Zuma Cartoon 2008-09-07 Sunday Times
New Bid for Zuma Deal 2008-09-06 Business Day
Magistrate Drops Bid to Block Zuma Prosecutor 2008-09-06 Cape Argus
Mbeki: Navy Equipment Honestly Obtained 2008-09-05 Cape Argus
Ashin Singh: What His Papers Alleged 2008-09-05 The Witness
Tables Turned on Zuma Ally 2008-09-05 The Witness
Arms Activist Guilty of Contempt 2008-09-05 Sapa
Sealift Ship Could Fill a Crucial Gap in Navy 2008-09-05 Cape Times
Cosatu Sets Battle Plan to Shield Zuma 2008-09-05 Business Day
Magistrate's Bid to Block Zuma Prosecutor 2008-09-04 Cape Times
Navy to Host Presidential Fleet Review 2008-09-04 Cape Times
Zuma A Simple Political Solution 2008-09-04 Business Day
Mo Shaik says Scorpions have 'Entrenched Patronage' 2008-09-03 Business Day
ANC Launches All-Out Battle to Keep its President Out Of Court 2008-09-03 Cape Argus
Continuing with Zuma Case Not in SA's Interests - ANC 2008-09-03 Cape Times
Prof to Answer to Corruption Charge 2008-09-02 African Crisis
'If the Scorpions Bite the Wrong People We will Kill Them' 2008-09-01 Mail and Guardian
Is Crawford-Browne in Contempt? 2008-09-01 Cape Times