Publication: Rapport Issued: Date: 2002-03-25 Reporter: Richard Young

Letter to Rapport in Response to :
"Arms Firm Sues to get Information"




Date 2002-03-25


Richard Young


The Editor


I write in response to the letter from Bertus Celliers, Armscor's Corporate Communication Manager, published in the Rapport of 2002-03-10. Mr Celliers was responding to Andries Cornelissen’s article "Arms Firm Sues to Get Information", published in the edition of 2002-03-03.

Mr Celliers has taken the opportunity of using your newspaper for making the following assertion to the public: "Dr. Young’s statement creates the impression with the public that Armscor is playing for time and that they are not serious in complying with the regulations of the act.".

However, the facts of the matter are the following :

Thus, Mr Celliers's letter is a blatant attempt to use the media to disseminate corporate misinformation on behalf of Armscor. As such, I advise him as follows:

You may publish this letter in English or literally-translated Afrikaans or both and I shall also be sending a copy to Armscor.

Yours faithfully 

Richard Young