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Carolyn Dempster
Wyndham Hartley
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Date 2002-12-08
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Okay. Wyndham...?


Then the ongoing saga of Deputy President Jacob Zuma and the arms deal, and the fact that he went on a junket with Mr Schabir Shaik who, as we know, is facing charges.


Let's come back to more pressing matters locally now. Yet again the Mail & Guardian has come up with some wonderful stories. There's one superb story written by a regular contributor to this programme, Thomas Knemeyer, which he wrote for Die Welt, and it has been picked up and re-printed in this week's edition of Mail & Guardian. It was an interview with Nujoma, who says precisely nothing in the interview, who castigates everybody in sight, flails... If it weren't disturbing it really would be very funny. So if you get the chance to read that article on Page 16 do so.

Anyway, the Mail & Guardian is certainly following up its story on the Zuma saga and the arms deal. Wyndham, it seems that the government are at great pains to damp down all flames in this direction, and the more they attempt damping down the more the thing is bursting into flames all over the place!


Well, the story that there's a suggestion of a R500 000 bribe or whatever it is was disturbing in itself but that Schabir Shaik, who has been charged with being in illegal possession of Cabinet documents, and who is very connected to Africa defence systems (sic), and Thompson of France, who is in the corvette programme tenders... Way after the charges had been laid, that he goes on a NEPAD junket around Africa with the Deputy President! - One hopes that, at best, it's poor judgement; but the signs are really not good!

With acknowledgement to SAfm PM Live.