LAN Technology Trade-off Study

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Report on the New Generation Naval Combat Suite


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:    CCII/R/0003     Copy x of 5


:    F


:    1994-09-02



Prepared by

:    CI Systems (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town


:    Armscor, Pretoria


Signature Sheet

Completed by :

R.M. Young
Project Manager
Information Management System
CI Systems (Pty) Ltd

Checked by :

Technical Director
CI Systems (Pty) Ltd

Approved by :

D.C. Law-Brown
Project Manager
New Generation Naval Combat Suite
Altech Defence Systems (Pty) Ltd

Accepted by :

P.A. Meiring
Programme Manager
New Generation Naval Combat Suite


Distribution Sheet

NGNCS Master Record Index
Information Management System 
CCII Systems (Pty) Ltd
Cape Town

Attention       :       R.M. Young

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NGNCS Programme Manager     

Attention       :       P.A. Meiring

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Combat Vessel Project Officer
SA Navy

Attention       :       Capt J.E.G. Kamerman

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NGNCS Project Engineer           
Naval Engineering Bureau
SA Navy

Attention       :       Lt Cdr J.J. Pienaar

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NGNCS Project Manager      
Altech Defence Systems (Pty) Ltd
Mt Edgecombe

Attention       :       D.C. Law-Brown

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11.    Recommendations

11.8    Building Blocks

As far as possible, the system should be constructed from available, commercial off-the-shelf building blocks, ruggedised if necessary.

One exception to this recommendation applies in the area of the Fibre Optic Cable Plant. It is recommended that fully qualified parts, such as cables, connectors and splices are used unless rigorous analysis shows lower quality parts to be appropriate. It is concluded that the extra initial outlay in this area will prove cost-effective in terms of the system lifecycle.

Reference : Minutes - Information Management System Progress Meeting No. 2