Publication: Issued: Date: 2004-11-17 Reporter:

Shaik Trial Witness List

Shortly before the trial, it was announced that more than 100 witnesses would be called during the trial of Schabir Shaik. However, a few days later the prosecution reduced this list to a still long list of 40 witnesses. (See new list below)

Some of the witnesses are quite high profile such as Patricia De Lille, a Member of Parliament and leader of the Independent Democrats;  and Gavin Woods, who is also a prominent Member of Parliament representing the IFP

Woods is also chairman of  the Standing Committee on Public Accounts - SCOPA, a committee that is supposed to oversee financial governance in Parliament. Critics have been very critical of the way SCOPA has been manipulated in dealing with the controversial Arms Deal.

New List of Witnesses

1 Johan van der Walt  
2 Celia Bester  
3 John Dover  
4 Anthony Gibb  
5 Ahmed Paruk  
6 Bennie Labuschagne  
7 Dharmendra Jugoo  
8 Errol Coret  
9 Satish Ramsumer  
10 Carla de Silva  
11 Dawie Griesel  
12 Brenda Madgwick  
13 Nelia van Coller  
14 Anthony Lochner  
15 Ian Mcleod  
16 John Dwyer  
17 Tracy O'Brein  
18 Marius Rehder  
19 Anand Moodley  
20 Paul Gering  
21 John Lennon  
22 Johan Vorster  
23 Robert Simpson-Anderson  
24 Gary Parker  
25 David read  
26 Patricia De Lille  
27 Johannes Verster  
28 Gavin Woods  
29 Mr. van Heerden  
30 Gerhard Visagie  
31 Jannie Lubbe  
32 Ingrid Havermann  
33 Judge Heath  
34 Nico Brink  
35 George Govender  
36 Vinesh Lechman  
37 Pierre Moynot  
38 David Wilson  
39 Rob Reid  
40 Colin Isaacs