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Response to Eddie Trent's Fairwell Parliamentary Speech by a Very Angry ANC MP Joan Fubbs :
South Africa’s Inconvenient Truth
2009-02-19 Eddie Trent, Joan Fubbs

Book Launch :
Eye on the Money


Terry Crawford-Browne

Fighting Corruption :
Mbeki Address at the Opening of Fighting Corruption Forum


Office of Presidency

9th Cosatu Congress :
Address Delivered by the Deputy President of the African National Congress, Cde Jacob Zuma, at the 9th Cosatu Congress


Jacob Zuma

Handing-over Ceremony of the SAS Amatola, Simon's Town, Cape Town :



The Arms Deal and the Media :  
A speech given at the Democracy Development Programme (DDP) Political Forum by Sam Sole, 2003 Vodacom Journalist of the Year ***


Sam Sole

South Africa's Lack of Leadership :
An Extract of a Presentation before The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS


George B.N. Ayittey

Launching of the First Corvette :
Speech by Defence Minister Lekota on the Occasion of the Launching of the First Corvette
2002-06-07 Government Communications Information Systems
Annual Maritime Technology Research Conference :
Dinner Speech aboard SAS Drakensberg, Simon's Bay
2002-03-05 Renfrew Christie, UWC,
Dept of Research Development
SAICA Dinner Speech :
SAICA Held its Annual Dinner in CT Last Night
2002-05-09 SAICA 
Ignatius Sehoole

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Special Messages

The War on Iraq :
A Special Message to America : Dr Richard Young, C˛I˛ Systems


Cape Argus

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