Publication: eTV Issued: Date: 2003-11-25 Reporter: San Reddy, Vuyani Green

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Bheki Jacobs Accused of Conspiring to Kill the President


Television Station  eTV
Programme eNews at 7
Date 2003-11-25

San Reddy, Vuyani Green


San Reddy : Bheki Jacobs is accused of conspiring to kill the president. He is sitting in jail until his case goes back to court on Friday.

Jacobs comes from a family with a history of anti-apartheid activism.

So just who is Jacobs and how did he get involved in the alleged plot?

This is no easy task to untangle. As Vuyani Green reports, he is a man of many identities. Tommy Davids took the pictures.

Vuyani Green : It's a day for celebration for Moslems around the world, but for the Solomons there is nothing to celebrate. Police raided their home in the weekend, arresting their son, Bheki Jacobs.

Jacobs is being investigated in connection with a mysterious dossier which is believed to contain allegations of a plot to topple President Thabo Mbeki. According to a police warrant Jacobs is linked to a conspiracy to commit murder.

Soraya Solomon (sister) : That horrified me because we're a family that really struggled for this liberation.

Vuyani Green : The police warrant cites possession of fake passports as another reason for his arrest.

Born Hassan Solomon, he's been operating under at least 10 aliases.

He said he was drafted into the South African Secret Services shortly after his return from exile in 1994, but the Presidency has dismissed claims that he was the eyes and ears of the President. Two years ago Jacobs tried to return his various passports to Home Affairs through his former lawyer.

In a letter to the lawyer Jacobs gives an insight into his past as an intelligence agent. He writes : "I was asked to use another name so as to protect my identity, but elements in the State Intelligence Agencies have blown my cover."

He says he came under attack in government circles after he was fingered as the main source who leaked information about the alleged corruption in the Arms Deal.

It is clear that Jacobs is a man of many faces. His name is now linked to an intricate web of conspiracies. Whether he actually is the author of the mysterious dossier will only be known when he returns to court.

Vuyani Green, e-News, Cape Town.

San Reddy : At least one person so far has confirmed that Bheki Jacobs was its source of information.

Richard Young whose company, CI, failed to secure a contract with the Arms Deal sellers said he had obtained information from Jacobs, but would not divulge what information had been passed on by Jacobs.

Young also said that he was aware that Jacobs had passed on information to Patricia De Lille, but had not been the author of the reports passed on to De Lille.

De Lille in turn has denied receiving any information from Jacobs. She told e-News that Jacobs had not been a source.

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