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December 2007

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Zuma Used Power for Personal Gain - NPA 2007-12-31 Cape Times
Did Shaik Fork Out for Zuma's Children? 2007-12-31 Independent Online
Dozens of Big Names on List for Zuma Case *** 2007-12-31 Cape Argus
State Intends to Call 218 Witnesses in Zuma Case *** 2007-12-31 Sapa
Zuma's Hour 2007-12-31 Business Day
Call for Zuma Charges to be Dropped 2007-12-31 Business Day
Charges 'Won't Hurt Zuma' 2007-12-31 The Witness
'A Decade of Corruption' 2007-12-31 The Star
Mbeki Not Behind Zuma Charges : SAfrican Prosecutor 2007-12-30 Sapa
Zuma's Day In Court 2007-12-30 Cape Argus
Could this man be SA's own Al Capone? 2007-12-30 Sunday Independent
The Case Against Jacob Zuma... 2007-12-30 The Times
Zuma Indictment Politically Motivated 2007-12-29 Sapa
Cosatu Condemns Zuma Indictment 2007-12-29 Sapa
Zuma : Heir Apparent or Clown Prince? 2007-12-29 The Witness
Zuma Vows to Fight Back 2007-12-29 The Star
Mbeki Should Back Off Prosecution of The People's Leader 2007-12-27 Cape Times
NPA Holiday Let-Off for Zuma, Selebi 2007-12-27 Business Day
Dangers of Pardon 2007-12-27 The Witness
How Blair Sunk Probe of BAE's Saudi Arms Deal 2007-12-24 Business Day
Mo Shaik's Underworld Links 2007-12-22 Sunday Independent
Zuma Can Heal the ANC Even Though He Too is Still Hurting 2007-12-22 Friends of Jacob Zuma
2007 Report Card Part Two - Mosiuoa Lekota : Minister of Defence 2007-12-21 Mail and Guardian
2007 Report Card Part Two - Brigitte Mabandla : Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development 2007-12-21 Mail and Guardian
The Thick End of The Wedge 2007-12-21 Business Day
Zuma Victory Clouds Future of the ANC 2007-12-21 The Times
Corruption Decision 'Close' 2007-12-21 The Times
Zuma : I Never Asked for My Day in Court 2007-12-21 The Witness
'Zuma Will Be Charged' 2007-12-20 Cape Argus
Decision to Charge Zuma 'Imminent' 2007-12-20 Mail and Guardian
Zuma on Zim, Mbeki and Corruption 2007-12-20 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Still Under Threat of Prosecution - NPA 2007-12-20 Business Day
'I'll Cross that Bridge when I Get There' 2007-12-20 News24
Zuma Breaks His Public Silence 2007-12-20 News24
NPA : We're Ready 2007-12-20 News24
Zuma to be Charged Soon, Mpshe Believes 2007-12-20 Sapa
Zuma Action Threat, As Scorpions Face The Chop 2007-12-20 Sapa
Action Against Zuma 'Imminent' 2007-12-20 Sapa
Electoral Chair Denies Rumours 2007-12-19 The Times
SA Heads Into Uncertainty 2007-12-19 News24
Zuma 'Tsunami' Sweeps Away ANC Old Guard 2007-12-19 Business Day
It's Zuma! 2007-12-19 The Star
Let Us Not Judge 2007-12-19 The Witness
NPA Must Stop Zuma Probe : Sanco 2007-12-18 Sapa
No Poor Judgement 2007-12-18 Cape Times
ANC Worth Over A Billion 2007-12-18 Sapa
ANC Finds Zuma Corruption Charges 'Very Difficult' 2007-12-18 Sapa
Mo Shaik Denies ANC Vote Link 2007-12-18 News24
Can Zuma Reassure the Doubters? 2007-12-16 Sunday Independent
Zuma's Focus would be More Domestic - Shaik 2007-12-16 Cape Argus
Scorpions Reveal New Zuma Evidence 2007-12-15 The Times
MK Vets to Lobby for New Chairman 2007-12-15 The Times
D-Day 2007-12-15 The Times
State Reveals Damning New Evidence on Zuma 2007-12-15 Business Day
Zuma Court Drama 2007-12-15 The Star
NPA Clouds JZ's Dream 2007-12-15 Cape Argus
Bad News for Zuma 2007-12-15 The Witness
Zuma Raids 'Dished New Dirt' 2007-12-15 Business Day
Speech Therapy 2007-12-14 Mail and Guardian
Arms Deal : 'Ministers Got Millions' 2007-12-14 Mail and Guardian
A Vital Choice 2007-12-14 Cape Argus
Shaik’s Flat Fetches R3.5m 2007-12-14 The Times
Aids Drug Tender SA's 'Next Arms Deal' - Researcher 2007-12-13 Cape Argus
Zuma's Worthy Namesake 2007-12-12 The Witness
I Still Love Trevor, Says Unfazed Mo 2007-12-10 Cape Times
Zuma's Election Promise 2007-12-10 Cape Times
Manuel Pours Scorn on Mo 2007-12-09 Weekend Argus
Controversial Author Apologises to Manuel 2007-12-08 Weekend Argus
Zuma's Shady Friends 2007-12-07 Mail and Guardian
State to Pay Millions for Shaik's Legal Fees 2007-12-07 Mail and Guardian
State to Foot Shaik’s R2.5m Legal Bill 2007-12-07 The Times
ANC Heavies Take Their Corners 2007-12-07 The Times
Behind Mbeki's Loss of Control 2007-12-06 politicsweb
ANC Heavies Take Their Corners 2007-12-06 The Times
Red Herrings and Other Fish Surface in Yengeni Scandal 2007-12-06 The Times
Mauritian Vault Holds Key to Whether NPA will Proceed with Zuma Case 2007-12-05 Cape Times
Arms Deal Sub Lies Idle 2007-12-05 Cape Argus
Zuma’s Money 2007-12-04 Business Day
Mbeki : We're Not Enemies 2007-12-03 Cape Argus
Selebi is First in the Scorpions' Sights 2007-12-03 The Star
Will Zuma Be Charged? 2007-12-03 Cape Times
Gloves Off as Prizefighters Put Their Seconds in the Ring 2007-12-02 Sunday Independent
Zuma : How did the Media get it so Wrong? 2007-12-02 Weekend Argus
Bare-Knuckle Time in Presidency Battle 2007-12-02 Weekend Argus
Money and Politics : Two Views 2007-12-02 The Times
Lekota is ‘Iincorrigible’, says Zuma Man 2007-12-02 The Times
President’s Chickens Return to Roost 2007-12-02 The Times
NPA : Decision on Zuma Charges Will Be Made Soon 2007-12-02 Mail and Guardian
Man Murdered at Private Game Reserve 2007-12-01 SABC News
Zuma Decision Soon - NPA 2007-12-01 News24