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March 2009

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SCA Upholds Appeal by Judges Against Hlophe 2009-03-31 Sapa
Atlas, Thales ADS to Compete for OPV Combat System 2009-03-31 defenceWeb
Zuma Talks Enter Day Two 2009-03-31 Cape Times
The need to know 2009-03-31 Cape Argus
'We want to hear Zuma spy tapes' 2009-03-31 Cape Argus
Zuma Prosecution Talks Enter Second Day 2009-03-31 Business Day
No intelligence probe into Zuma tapes 2009-03-30 Sapa
I will not back off, Zille tells Zuma 2009-03-30 Sapa
Entering conservative era : Haffajee 2009-03-30 Sapa
No Zuma Decision Yet 2009-03-30 Sapa
NPA to Discuss Zuma Charges Monday 2009-03-30 Sapa
Back off, says Zuma 2009-03-30 Cape Times
South Africa - 5th Frigate Cancelled, OPVs Moved Up 2009-03-30 AMI Hot News
NPA and Zuma's Team Locked in Talks 2009-03-30 Cape Argus
NPA Expected to Drop All Charges Against Zuma Today 2009-03-30 Business Day
NPA Meets to Discuss Zuma Charges 2009-03-30 Mail and Guardian
Why Should Zuma Be Treated As Less Than Equal Before The Law? Another View 2009-03-29 Sunday Times
NPA to Drop Zuma Charges 2009-03-29 Sunday Independent
Hofmeyr Has Strong 'Sense of Right and Wrong' 2009-03-29 Sunday Independent
Zuma Case Bombshell 2009-03-28 Cape Argus
The Mbeki Tapes: Memories of Nixon 2009-03-28 Business Day
Mbeki-NPA tape recordings, the plot thickens 2009-03-27 Cape Argus
Alleged telephone recording of Mbeki and Scorpions' boss in Zuma's lawyer's possession 2009-03-27 Cape Argus
Zuma Tapes Split NPA 2009-03-27 Mail and Guardian
‘Chippy’ Had Several Lunches with French Arms Firm 2009-03-27 The Citizen
Mpshe Speaks on Spy Tapes 2009-03-27 The Citizen
Tape row hots up as Mbeki denies he meddled 2009-03-27 Business Day
'If We Drop Zuma Charges, NPA May Reveal Why' 2009-03-27 Sunday Independent
Zille: Zuma Case to Bring Down Government 2009-03-27 Sunday Independent
‘How Did Zuma Get Secret Spy Tapes?’ 2009-03-26 Sunday Times
Zuma Team says It Has Mbeki, McCarthy on Tape 2009-03-26 Cape Times
‘Illicit’ Phone Taps of Mbeki Part of Zuma’s Plea to NPA 2009-03-26 Business Day
SA Forces 'On Downward Spiral' 2009-03-25 Jane's Defence Weekly
Phosa challenges NPA over Zuma 2009-03-24 Mail and Guardian
Doctors ask Balfour to come clean on Shaik's parole 2009-03-24 Mail and Guardian
SJC Plans Court Move for Review of Shaik's Medical Release 2009-03-23 Cape Argus
Zuma Promises to Stamp Out Corruption 2009-03-22 Sunday Independent
I will Stamp Out Corruption, Promises Zuma 2009-03-22 Cape Argus
Crucial Fortnight for Zuma's Campaign 2009-03-22 Cape Argus
Killing The Dream to Save One Man 2009-03-22 Sunday Times
So Many Questions with Judge Willem Heath 2009-03-22 Sunday Times
‘I was right to charge Zuma’ 2009-03-22 Sunday Times
Shaik, Thint and the 16 Charges 2009-03-22 Sunday Times
Is Shaik 'Terminally Ill' Or Not? 2009-03-22 Sunday Independent
NPA has quite a lot of explaining to do 2009-03-21 Business Day
Tell us how comrade Thami Zulu died 2009-03-21 Business Day
DA 'Most Welcome' to Argue Why Charges Against Zuma Should Stand 2009-03-21 Cape Argus
Shaik's Parole is Suspect 2009-03-21 Cape Argus
Zuma saga: NPA 'saving their jobs' 2009-03-20 Independent Online
Zuma: Ngcuka’s Still Pulling The Strings 2009-03-20 Sunday Times
You Have to Look at the Big Picture - Heath 2009-03-20 Cape Argus
We Have A Right To Know 2009-03-20 Mail and Guardian
What Zuma Told the NPA 2009-03-20 Mail and Guardian
Man Behind The Zuma Deal 2009-03-20 Cape Times
Mo Shaik denies leaking NPA withdrawal 2009-03-19 The Times
Youth League Slams 'Opportunistic' Mo Shaik 2009-03-19 Mail and Guardian
Opposition Wants Zuma Prosecuted 2009-03-19 Business Day
NPA Prepares to Announce Decision on Zuma Charges 2009-03-19 Business Day
ANC : Zuma Trial Not In SA's Interest 2009-03-19 Cape Argus
We're in Trouble, We Really Are 2009-03-19 Cape Argus
Leaks Could Scupper Zuma's Chance of a Fair Trial - ANC 2009-03-19 Cape Times
Zuma Case 'Scrapped' 2009-03-18 Cape Times
NPA ‘Set to Drop Charges Against Zuma’ 2009-03-18 Business Day
"No Truth" in Zuma Charges Rumour: NPA 2009-03-18 Sapa
I won't testify at Zuma's trial, says ex-head of arms company 2009-03-17 Cape Times
Minister Promised to Get Charges Dropped, says Thint 2009-03-17 Cape Argus
Thint Says NPA Agreed Not To Prosecute 2009-03-17 Business Day
Thint's Rights Infringed : Court Papers 2009-03-16 Sapa
SA Plans to Build Huge New Merchant Navy Fleet 2009-03-16 Cape Times
Leave Us Alone, Begs Mrs Shaik 2009-03-15 Sunday Independent
All Is Not Fair In Punishment and Parole 2009-03-14 Business Day
‘The King Has No Clothes On’ 2009-03-14 Business Day
Zuma, ANC versus NPA 2009-03-14 The Times
'Shaik to Blame for Condition' 2009-03-14 The Star
Don't Wish Shaik Dead 2009-03-14 The Star
Play It Straight 2009-03-14 Cape Argus
Shaik: Physician is a Man of Honour 2009-03-13 Cape Argus
Call for Shaik Probe Backed by Sama 2009-03-13 Cape Argus
JZ lashes out at NPA after accusations of using legal ploys to stall his trial 2009-03-13 Cape Argus
Hailing the great ... before it's too late 2009-03-12 Cape Argus
Sicker than Shaik 2009-03-13 The Witness
One Law for the Poor, Another for the Politically Connected? 2009-03-13 Mail and Guardian
Schabir Shaik and the R10-million House 2009-03-13 Mail and Guardian
DA Asks Motlanthe to Probe Shaik Saga 2009-03-12 Business Day
Sama Commends Probe into Shaik's Doctors 2009-03-12 Mail and Guardian
DA Calls on Motlanthe to Probe Shaik Release 2009-03-11 The Star
Why Was Shaik Sent to Jail in the First Place? 2009-03-11 Cape Argus
'Shaik Is Not Dying’ 2009-03-11 The Times
Shaik May Suffer Heart Attack, Warns Doctor 2009-03-11 Cape Times
Secrecy in Shaik’s Early Release Highly Suspicious 2009-03-10 The Times
Motlanthe Will Consider Shaik Review 2009-03-10 The Times
Health Council to Probe Shaik Parole 2009-03-10 The Times
What's Wrong with Patient Z00132232? 2009-03-10 Cape Argus
Questions Linger over Shaik 2009-03-10 Cape Argus
Doc Said Shaik Was Too Sick for Prison 2009-03-10 Sowetan
Did Prison Blues Affect Shaik? 2009-03-10 Cape Times
Doctor Had Recommended Earlier that Shaik be Paroled 2009-03-10 Cape Times
Shaik Too Ill to Stay In Prison ­ Doctors’ Report 2009-03-10 Business Day
Skoorsoek op die wapenspoor  *** 2009-03-09 Die Burger
Cabinet Questions Delay Piracy Decision 2009-03-09 defenceWeb
Shaik Doctor Expects Fallout 2009-03-09 Cape Argus
More Fuel for Shaik Review 2009-03-09 Cape Times
Opposition Calls for Inquiry into Shaik Parole 2009-03-09 Business Day
Council to Probe Shaik Parole Doctors 2009-03-09 The Times
ANC Planning to Reopen Independent Probe into Arms Deal 2009-03-08 Sunday Times
The Big Shaik Sham! 2009-03-08 Sunday Times
DA, UDM, COPE Call for Shaik Probe 2009-03-08 Cape Argus
'I Discharged Shaik Months Ago from Hospital' 2009-03-08 Cape Argus
My Brother is a Dead Man Walking, says Yunis Shaik 2009-03-08 Cape Argus
Shaik Seriously Ill or Just Faking It - Witnesses Differ 2009-03-07 Cape Argus
Concourt Clears Way for Bid to Extradite Stratton 2009-03-07 The Star
Exclusive: Nurse says Schabir Shaik is Gravely Ill 2009-03-07 The Star
Schabir Shaik 2009-03-06 Cape Argus
The Cult of Zuma 2009-03-06 Mail and Guardian
Shaiking Up A Storm 2009-03-06 Mail and Guardian
Shaik Out of Prison Before Change in Law Comes into Effect 2009-03-06 Cape Times
Minister Says Shaik Has Right to Privacy  2009-03-06 Business Day
SA Army Horse Shod by December? 2009-03-05 defenceWeb
Hand Over Shaik Records - DA 2009-03-05 Cape Argus
Balfour Defends Shaik Decision 2009-03-05 Cape Times
Show Compassion for Shaik, Top MP Urges Amid Storm 2009-03-05 Business Day
Africa Not Up for Maritime Challenges ­ Naval Chiefs 2009-03-05 Business Day
SA Navy is Looking To Buy More Patrol Boats 2009-03-04 Sowetan
Outrage as Shaik Freed on Medical Parole 2009-03-04 Business Day
Doctors 'Unanimous' on Shaik 2009-03-04 Cape Times
Shaik is Not Under House Arrest, says Official 2009-03-04 Mail and Guardian
No Fifth Frigate for Navy - Mudimu 2009-03-04 Cape Argus
Germany Needs Transport Plane, wants A400M Clarity 2009-03-03 defenceWeb
Shaik's Brother Fends Off Disappointed Media 2009-03-03 The Witness
How Does the Parole System Work? Review Judge Explains His Role 2009-03-03 The Witness
Official: Schabir Shaik must be Terminally Ill 2009-03-03 Mail and Guardian
Shaik Walks Free 2009-03-03 Cape Times
Medical Parole for Shaik 2009-03-03 The Star
Is Shaik Dying? 2009-03-03 The Star
Angola looks to Germany for naval ships 2009-03-02 Ports and Ships
Shaik is Gravely Ill - Family 2009-03-02 The Star