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March 2012

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Defence force ‘nurtures scarce system engineering skills’ for SA 2012-03-26 Business Day
‘Stalingrad strategy’ could be Zuma’s way out of trouble 2012-03-23 Business Day
Lancing the ‘boil’ of government corruption  *** 2012-03-22 Daily News
Eskom, BHP Billiton and the secret commodity-linked electricity pricing deals – the relevance today 2012-03-20 Business Day
The day my idealism was extinguished 2012-03-20 The Star
Out of pocket due to DA’s court victory  *** 2012-03-20 The Citizen
Review mooted over arms deal’s ‘generous’ offset credits 2012-03-19 Business Day
Committee keeps lid on arms deal offsets report 2012-03-08 Business Day