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November 2007

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Solidarity Urges Denel Chief to Stay 2007-11-30 Business Report
De Lille Sticks to Guns on Fund Claims 2007-11-30 Cape Argus
Jacob Zuma's a Liar, says ANC's Lekota 2007-11-30 Cape Argus
A Peek into the Darker Side of the ANC 2007-11-30 Cape Times
'The Rule of Law? Yes, Not the Rule of Bias' 2007-11-30 Mail and Guardian
Mbeki Bares His Knuckles 2007-11-30 Mail and Guardian
NPA Still Undecided on New Charges 2007-11-30 Mail and Guardian
Zuma : Set Me Free 2007-11-30 The Times
Terror Attack on Zuma 2007-11-30 The Times
Mbeki Must Stand to Save Our Democracy 2007-11-30 The Times
Decision on Zuma 'Soon' 2007-11-30 The Times
Zuma and Lawyer Seek Ruling on Raids 2007-11-29 Cape Argus
Zuma's Ultimate Challenge to Judgments 2007-11-29 Business Day
State to Cough Up Some Funds for Shaik's Legal Battle 2007-11-29 Cape Times
Zuma in Bid to Overrule Appeal Court Ruling 2007-11-29 The Star
Shaik to get Some of His Cash for Appeal 2007-11-29 The Star
Lekota Charged for Lohatla Bloodbath 2007-11-29 The Star
Zuma Makes His Final Legal Stand 2007-11-29 The Star
Glorious Cause to Grubby Party 2007-11-28 Business Day
Cosatu Angered by Talk NPA Will Charge Zuma Again 2007-11-28 Business Day
NPA Might as well Give Up on Case 2007-11-28 The Star
Prison Chiefs Mum on Yengeni 2007-11-28 The Star
Prisoners Body Fears System may be Lenient with Yengeni 2007-11-28 Cape Times
'Drunk' Yengeni's Parole at Risk 2007-11-27 The Star
The Bitter War for the Control of the ANC 2007-11-27 The Star
Yengeni Blames Flu Medication for Arrest 2007-11-27 The Star
Yengeni Cover-up Denied 2007-11-27 Cape Argus
Cosatu : NPA must not be used to bring down Zuma 2007-11-27 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Victory Won't Kill Trial 2007-11-26 The Star
It is Time Again for Brave People to Step Forward 2007-11-26 Cape Times
Shaik Returns to Prison After Hospitalisation for Mild Stroke 2007-11-26 Cape Times
I'm Fit to Govern, says Zuma 2007-11-25 Mail and Guardian
ANC Today Deaf and Blind to the Realities of Arms Deal Corruption 2007-11-25 The Times
Zuma : Speak up on Death Penalty 2007-11-24 News24
Shaik Back in Jail after Hospital Stint 2007-11-24 The Star
Lies, Damned Lies! (Part II) 2007-11-23 ANC Today
ANC Front Wins Huge State Tender 2007-11-23 Mail and Guardian
Shaik Needs Millions for New Court Battle 2007-11-23 Independent Online
An Unfair Review 2007-11-22 The Sowetan
Missiles Hit Taxpayer 2007-11-22 Cape Times
JZ Has No Clue Of What SA Needs 2007-11-21 Pretoria News
Fears Over Huge City Arms Theft 2007-11-21 Cape Argus
The ANC's Rules are not the Nation's Laws 2007-11-21 Cape Argus
Manuel Pours Cold Water on Criticism of R1bn Missiles Bill 2007-11-21 Cape Times
Leave Him Alone 2007-11-21 The Sowetan
Mbeki Running Scared : Author 2007-11-21 The Citizen
R6 Billion Spent After Informal Chat : Feinstein 2007-11-21 The Citizen
'Johnny Liar' and the Sub 2007-11-21 Business Day
Poisons and Divides 2007-11-20 The Sowetan
Arms Report Already Cleared Us 2007-11-20 The Times
Mbeki's Office says Arms Report has Already Cleared Govt 2007-11-20 Sapa
Mbeki Arms Deal Row Hots Up 2007-11-20 The Citizen
NPA : Still No Decision on Zuma Charges 2007-11-19 Mail and Guardian
Fat Cats Taking Their Due 2007-11-18 The Times
You Can Never Be Too Clean in Arms-deal Land 2007-11-18 Sunday Independent
Anger Over Shaik Visits 2007-11-17 Pretoria News
Mbeki's Interventions can be Seen as the ‘Thin Blue Line' Buffering SA from Zuma's Rule 2007-11-16 Cape Argus
Arms Deal Brings in R850m for SA Firms 2007-11-16 Cape Argus
Lies, Damned Lies! 2007-11-16 ANC Today
Mpshe in The Hot Seat 2007-11-16 Mail and Guardian
Shaik Back in Hospital After Mild Stroke 2007-11-16 Mail and Guardian
Zuma will turn SA into a 'Basket Case' 2007-11-16 The Star
Shaik Hospitalised After Mild Stroke 2007-11-16 The Star
'Navy Frigates Benefit Local Companies to Tune of R860m' 2007-11-16 Cape Times
Schabir Shaik Back in Hospital After Suffering a Mild Stroke in Prison 2007-11-16 Cape Times
Hero Rated : Andrew Feinstein 2007-11-16 Business Day
Zero Rated : Essop Pahad 2007-11-16 Business Day
How Affirmative Action nearly sank a brand New S.African Submarine bought from Germany... 2007-11-15 African Crisis
Shaik Family may Call on Mbeki 2007-11-14 News24
Feinstein, Shaik Head-to-Head on TV 2007-11-14 The Citizen
Give Zuma a Chance 2007-11-14 Cape Times
The Times 2007-11-14 The Times
Zuma Should Get His Chance 2007-11-14 The Times
Exercise Whippet - Successful Combined Tactical Firing of Exocet Missiles November 2007 SA Navy
SA's Settlement of 1994 Goes On Trial with Zuma 2007-11-13 Business Day
Of Little Green Men and A Golden Opportunity 2007-11-13 Cape Argus
Double Standards 2007-11-13 Guardian Unlimited
Former MP Claims Mbeki Killed BAE Bribery Inquiry 2007-11-13 Guardian Unlimited
Name of Shaik Plagues Driving Licence Maker 2007-11-12 Busines Report
Pahad Shoots Down Former MP's Arms Deal Allegations 2007-11-12 The Star
A Call to Arms for a New Struggle 2007-11-12 Cape Argus
‘Why do we need R1bn in missiles?’ 2007-11-12 The Times
The Zuma Tightrope 2007-11-11 The Times
The Legal Tug-of-War 2007-11-11 The Times
How to Lose Friends and Influence People 2007-11-11 The Times
Zuma 2007-11-11 Cape Argus
Shaik Ends First Year in Prison in Hospital Ward 2007-11-11 Cape Argus
Let an Independent Agent Prosecute Zuma 2007-11-11 Sunday Independent
The Enigmatic Hand on the Helm 2007-11-10 Cape Argus
So Who Was The Liar, Mr Pahad? 2007-11-10 The Times
I will take ANC down with me if charged, vows Zuma 2007-11-10 Business Day
Zuma's Floating Opera Turns Up The Heat 2007-11-10 Sunday Independent
What Happens Next in the Jacob Zuma Case? 2007-11-09 Independent Online
U.K.-Saudi Arms Deal Gets Renewed Scrutiny 2007-11-09 Bloomberg News
Zuma Back On The Rack 2007-11-09 The Times
This Is Why Zuma Wants Presidency So Badly 2007-11-09 Cape Argus
Zuma : New Charges on Cards 2007-11-09 Cape Argus
One for the NPA 2007-11-09 Business Day
Court Tightens Screw as Zuma Seeks ANC Prize 2007-11-09 Business Day
More Arms Deal Revelations 2007-11-09 Mail and Guardian
Will NPA Dare to Charge Zuma? 2007-11-09 Mail and Guardian
Zuma May Face More Charges 2007-11-09 The Star
Give JZ His Day In Court 2007-11-09 The Star
Zuma 4 Steps Closer to the Dock 2007-11-08 The Star
Mandela Fund to Probe 'Payment' 2007-11-08 The Witness
Zuma will be Charged: ANCYL 2007-11-08 Sapa
Leaked Zuma Judgement A Worry: SACP 2007-11-08 Sapa
Zuma Waits for NPA's Next Move 2007-11-08 Sapa
Court Upholds State's Appeal in Zuma Case 2007-11-08 Sapa
'Smet van Korrupsie Leef Voort' 2007-11-07 Die Burger
Court Set for Zuma Raids Judgment 2007-11-07 The Mercury
De Lille in New Arms Deal Shock 2007-11-07 The Star
Mbeki 'Knew of' Ngcuka's Zuma Claim 2007-11-07 Business Day
Mandela Fund Got Arms Payoff ­ de Lille 2007-11-07 Business Day
ANC Fundraiser is Out in the Open 2007-11-07 Business Day
Caviar Comrades 2007-11-07 Business Day
Verdict on Zuma Appeals Out Soon 2007-11-07 Pretoria News
Arms Deal Firm Gave Cash to Mandela's Fund, de Lille Claims 2007-11-07 Cape Times
de Lille: Mandela Fund Got Arms Deal Pay-Off 2007-11-07 The Witness
Mandela Fund "Unaware" of Arms Deal Money 2007-11-07 Sapa
'Is She Saying Mandela was a Crook?' 2007-11-07 Independent Online
De Lille Drops Bombshell Over Arms Deal 2007-11-07 The Sowetan
Judgment in Zuma Appeal Hearing Expected This Week 2007-11-06 Sapa
Lekota Rejects de Lille's Allegations 2007-11-06 Sapa
Lekota Scorns Fresh Arms Deal Allegations 2007-11-06 Independent Online
MAN Ferrostaal Invests in SA 2007-11-05 Business Report
Across My Desk 2007-11-05 Cape Argus
So Many Questions 2007-11-04 The Times
Industrial Offsets Add R9bn, New Jobs 2007-11-04 Business Report
Arms Deal 'Tainted' Mbeki and Zuma 2007-11-02 The Times
Ministers Fudged the Issue of Influence 2007-11-02 The Times
Frontrunners in ANC Race 'Unsuitable' 2007-11-02 Business Day
GDP and Jobs 'Gain from Offset Policy' 2007-11-01 Business Day
Mbeki, Zuma Urged to Step Aside 2007-11-01 Independent Online
Please Step Aside, Ex-ANC MP Urges Mbeki and Zuma 2007-11-01 Cape Argus
After the Party: A Personal and Political Journey inside the ANC by Andrew Feinstein 2007-11-01 The Star
Saldanha Open for Africa Oil Business 2007-11-01 Cape Argus