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December 2008

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Navy Frigate to Get New Electronic 'Brain' 2008-12-30 ASD Network
Local is Lekker for the Navy Too 2008-12-23 Business Day
Companies Blacklisted in US for Allegedly Backing Mugabe Operate Freely in UK 2008-12-22 The Times
ANC Calls For Report on NPA Investigations 2008-12-22 Business Day
Who Got the Arms Deal Gold? 2008-12-22 Noseweek
Yengeni's Arms Deal Link Surfaces 2008-12-20 Sunday Independent
Well-researched Study of the Deal that Caused all the Trouble 2008-12-19 Cape Times
Zapiro Unfazed as Zuma Sues Over 'Rape of Justice' Cartoon 2008-12-19 Cape Times
Zuma Caims R7m over Zapiro Cartoon 2008-12-18 Mail and Guardian
Zuma, Zapiro, Politics and More 2008-12-18 Mail and Guardian
Sweden Chooses SA’s Modified Armoured Vehicle 2008-12-17 Business Day
Tough Question 2008-12-17 The Citizen
IFP: Arms Deal Renders ANC Morally Corrupt 2008-12-16 Sapa
Minimum Force 2008-12-15 Cape Times
Motlanthe Denies Offering Pikoli a Settlement 2008-12-15 Sapa
Pikoli Turned Down R10m Government Offer to Slink Out Quietly 2008-12-14 The Times
Motlanthe’s Shady Mate 2008-12-14 The Times
Pikoli Rejected a 'Golden Handshake' of R10m 2008-12-14 Sunday Independent
Motlanthe’s Two Big Mistakes 2008-12-13 Business Day
Arms Playboy's Accounts Frozen 2008-12-12 Mail and Guardian
How Ginwala Blew It 2008-12-12 Mail and Guardian
Utter, Craven Nonsense 2008-12-12 Mail and Guardian
Shaik’s Auditors Admit Guilt 2008-12-12 Mail and Guardian
Mabandla Could Face Anti-Meddling Action 2008-12-12 Mail and Guardian
Write A Letter Today 2008-12-12 Mail and Guardian
'Zuma' – The Book 2008-12-11 The Citizen
Explosive Arms Deal Documents 2008-12-11 The Citizen
Outrage at Motlanthe's Refusal to Order Probe of Arms Deal 2008-12-11 Cape Times
Motlanthe Declines “Arms Deal” Probe *** 2008-12-10 defenceWeb
Motlanthe Refuses to Launch Arms Deal Inquiry 2008-12-10 The Star
'SA Navy Armed and Ready' 2008-12-10 Cape Argus
Motlanthe Turns Down Arms Probe 2008-12-10 Cape Argus
Justice Boss Faces Ginwala Fallout 2008-12-10 Business Day
Motlanthe Decides on Arms Deal Inquiry 2008-12-10 Cape Times
Justice Director-general Looks Like The Fall Guy 2008-12-09 Business Day
Pikoli Fired for Mbeki Snub 2008-12-09 Cape Times
Pikoli Axed to Serve ANC Ends - Zille 2008-12-09 Cape Times
Motlanthe Axes Pikoli Despite Being ‘Cleared’ 2008-12-09 Cape Times
Motlanthe Decides Pikoli Should Go 2008-12-08 Sapa
Pikoli Disappointed By Motlanthe Decision 2008-12-08 Sapa
Illogical That Pikoli Should Stay: President 2008-12-08 Sapa
Ginwala Report to be Made Public 2008-12-08 The Star
Mbeki's Dream for Africa 2008-12-08 The Star
Mbeki, Mabandla 'Protected' 2008-12-08 Cape Times
Ramphele Joins Call for Arms Deal Probe 2008-12-08 Cape Times
Cabinet to Weigh Pikoli Report Findings 2008-12-08 Business Day
Mbeki Denies Wrongdoing in Selebi Matter 2008-12-08 Independent Online
BAE Accused of £100m Secret Payments to Seal South Africa Arms Deal 2008-12-06 The Guardian
Desperately Seeking Zuma 2008-12-06 Mail and Guardian
Pikoli Saga Drawing to a Close 2008-12-06 Business Day
Hlophe Case to Go to Appeal Court after Ruling 2008-12-06 Business Day
Government Repeats Arms Deal Mantra 2008-12-05 Sunday Times
Ginwala 'Protected Mbeki' 2008-12-05 The Star
Deputy registrar on carpet, UCT confirms 2008-12-05 Cape Times
Arms Deal : We Need Closure 2008-12-05 Mail and Guardian
Ginwala Absolves Mbeki 2008-12-05 Mail and Guardian
How Arms ‘Bribes’ Were Paid 2008-12-05 Mail and Guardian
SAAF Stops Air Shows, for Now 2008-12-04 Cape Argus
Tutu, De Klerk Call for Arms-deal Probe 2008-12-03 Mail and Guardian
No Call for SA Navy to Chase Pirates off Horn of Africa 2008-12-03 Business Day
Clear the Air with Arms Deal Probe 2008-12-03 The Citizen
Navy to Buy 6 Ships Worth R2bn 2008-12-03 Cape Times
Tutu, de Klerk Call for Arms Probe 2008-12-03 Cape Times
Tutu, de Klerk Want Arms Deal Inquiry 2008-12-03 Cape Times
'Bribes', BAe – and the billionaire who loves champagne and women 2008-12-02 scotsman.com
Almighty Power of The Cover-Up 2008-12-01 Business Day
No Skeletons Left In His Closet 2008-12-01 The Citizen