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January 2008

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Final Submarine Handed to SA Navy 2008-01-31 Sapa
Scopa should Re-open Probe into Controversial Arms Deal, says DA 2008-01-30 Cape Times
Auditor in Saambou Case a Veteran of Shaik Probe 2008-01-30 Cape Times
Disturbing Signs of a Return to Monstrous Behaviour 2008-01-30 Business Day
State Calls for 'Urgent' 10% Electricity Cutback 2008-01-30 Business Day
ICD to Investigate Arrest of Scorpions Investigator 2008-01-30 Sapa
Closure of Scorpions Sends Wrong Signals: Academics 2008-01-30 Sapa
Future Under Zuma Unpredictable: Academic 2008-01-30 Sapa
Criminal Negligence  *** 2008-01-29 The Witness
ANC's Arms Deal Investigation will Take Off in March 2008-01-29 Cape Times
'Why Pikoli should be Fired' 2008-01-28 The Star
The Thick End of the Wedge 2008-01-28 Business Day
Stand Firm 2008-01-28 Business Day
Lohatla Report Summary Puts Blame Squarely on Gun Manufacturer  *** 2008-01-28 Cape Argus
Feinstein Names and Shames 2008-01-28 Cape Argus
Out to Draw the Scorpions' Sting 2008-01-27 The Times
Guilty! 2008-01-27 The Times
Zuma Probe was Beginning of The End 2008-01-27 The Times
Army Blames Gun's Maker for Lohatla 2008-01-26 Cape Argus
ANC Chose Guns over Power Stations : Zille 2008-01-25 Sapa
Lohatlha Deaths an Accident : Lekota 2008-01-25 Sapa
French Surveillance Frigate Docks at Simon's Town 2008-01-24 Sapa, Embassy of France
ANC Death Knell for Law Enforcement Success Story 2008-01-24 Cape Times
Ominous Noises from this 'Democracy in Action' 2008-01-24 Business Day
Electrical Power Supply Fiasco 2008-01-24 The Witness
Was Scorpions Sleuth Set Up? 2008-01-24 Mail and Guardian
'Scorpions Did Not Target ANC' 2008-01-24 Mail and Guardian
Hands Off Jacob Zuma! 2008-01-23 Mail and Guardian
Cops Bust Second Senior Scorpion 2008-01-23 The Times
Scorpions Detective Ivor Powell Out on R1 000 Bail 2008-01-23 Cape Argus
Claims of Cover-up Precede Release of Lohatla Tragedy Report  *** 2008-01-23 Cape Argus
Another Top Scorpion Held 2008-01-23 Cape Argus
ANC Arms Deal Probe 'Dubious' 2008-01-23 The Star
Plan to Scrap Scorpions Shows Some are More Equal than Others 2008-01-23 Cape Times
Disbanding Scorpions Shows Rot Has Set In 2008-01-22 The Mercury
Holomisa Questions Deadline for Scorpions’ Incorporation 2008-01-21 Sapa
Only a Neutral Jurist for the Zuma Trial can Avert Civil War 2008-01-21 Cape Argus
The Editor's Notebook 2008-01-21 Business Day
Dubious and Dubiouser 2008-01-21 Politicsweb
Zuma Can Challenge Mbeki, If He Wants To 2008-01-20 Weekend Argus
Selebi: The Secret Agenda *** 2008-01-19 The Witness
Is Lester Also Wanting to Grease Zuma’s Palm? 2008-01-19 The Times
Mbeki - The Serial Liar 2008-01-19 The Times
Put All Criminals Where They Belong 2008-01-19 Business Day
Court Dates Set for Selebi and Zuma 2008-01-18 Cape Argus
Attack on Scorpions, NPA Suspicious 2008-01-18 The Star
Zuma Gives Up Mbeki's Weekly Online Column 2008-01-18 Mail and Guardian
March Date for Zuma's Concourt Challenge 2008-01-17 Sapa
Zuma Claims R5 Million for Defamation and Injuria 2008-01-17 Sapa
Row Brews over Lohatla Shooting Report 2008-01-17 Sapa
Taxpayers Liable to Foot the Bill for Selebi's Defence 2008-01-17 Business Day
Law and Disorder 2008-01-17 Business Day
OECD Paper Sheds Light on Zuma Trial 2008-01-17 Business Report
Power Meltdown 2008-01-17 The Witness
Air Force Grounds Fleet After Crash 2008-01-16 Sapa
Rapport 'Satisfied' with Settlement with Zuma 2008-01-16 Sapa
The Golden Chop Awards 2008-01-16 The Witness
Zuma Will Face The Music Even If Searches Are Declared Invalid 2008-01-16 Cape Times
ANC Lashes Out at Judge's Stance 2008-01-16 Cape Times
Scorpions Picking On Us, say ANC Leaders 2008-01-16 Business Day
Zuma's Concourt Bid Won't Affect Trial : NPA 2008-01-15 Sapa
Life in South Africa Never Ceases to Amaze 2008-01-15 The Star
Jackie Selebi Certainly Turned in a Masterful Performance, Playing SA's Top Cop 2008-01-15 Cape Times
Hunter Mbeki Becomes The Prey 2008-01-14 Business Day
The Time to Ditch Mbeki is Now 2008-01-14 The Times
Charges Against Nel Withdrawn 2008-01-14 Sapa
SA Judges Put on Trial 2008-01-13 The Times
How to Get Arms Deal Answers 2008-01-13 The Times
Shaik Just Helping Out a Struggle Hero 2008-01-13 The Times
Who's Who on the Arms-Deal Committee 2008-01-13 Sunday Independent
Ministers 'Stunned' by the Arms Deal 2008-01-13 Cape Argus
Last Gambit for Mbeki, Zuma 2008-01-12 Business Day
Arms Deal Needs to be Tested in an Open Court of Law 2008-01-12 Business Day
'Model Parolee' Yengeni Free to Go Anywhere in SA 2008-01-12 Cape Argus
Rule of Law is the Only Law 2008-01-12 Cape Argus
Arms Deal Still Threat to Our Future 2008-01-12 Cape Argus
It's Obvious the Arms Deal Report was Neutered 2008-01-12 The Star
Yengeni Free to Fly, and 'Use, Not Abuse' Alcohol 2008-01-12 The Star
Eye on the Money 2007-11-11 Eye on the Money
Probe Mbeki Role in Arms Deal, says ID 2008-01-11 The Citizen
Just a Road Show 2008-01-11 Cape Times
Arms Nemesis 2008-01-11 Business Day
What the ANC can do if it really wants the Truth 2008-01-11 Business Day
A Pretty Pickle 2008-01-11 Mail and Guardian
DA Demands Selebi's Suspension in The Face of NPA Charges 2008-01-11 Sapa
ANC to get at Mbeki via the Arms Deal Investigation 2008-01-10 The Times
ANC Wants Arms Deal Report  *** 2007-01-10 IT Web
Elephants Fighting 2007-01-10 Business Day
ANC Arms Deal Probe 2007-01-10 The Witness
UDM 'Can Never Support ANC's Arms Deal Committee' 2007-01-10 Cape Times
Zuma Team to Probe Arms Deal 2007-01-09 Cape Times
ANC to Back Zuma with New Arms-Deal 'Report' 2008-01-09 Business Day
Mbeki Faces ANC Grilling Over Arms Deal 2008-01-09 Cape Argus
Mbeki Faces ANC Probe into Arms Deal 2008-01-09 The Star
Tainted Yengeni Under Spotlight in ANC Arms-Deal Probe 2008-01-09 The Star
Zuma Allies make it onto Influential ANC Committee 2008-01-08 The Star
From Hero to Zero ... to Hero 2008-01-08 The Star
Yengeni Gets Top ANC Job 2008-01-08 The Star
Change is in the Air 2008-01-08 Pretoria News
ANC to Produce Report on Arms Deal - I 2008-01-08 Sapa
ANC to Produce Report on Arms Deal - II 2008-01-08 Sapa
Thint Not in Court before August : Sooklal 2008-01-08 Sapa
ANC Reaffirms Support for Jacob Zuma 2008-01-08 Sapa
NPA Must Inform Parliament about Selebi : DA 2008-01-08 Sapa
Zuma Not In The Clear 2008-01-08 Cape Times
Cosatu Dismisses Concerns of Chaskalson, Bizos 2008-01-07 Sapa
ANC Must Reassure SA : Zille 2008-01-07 Sapa
Zuma Must Step Aside : Holomisa 2008-01-07 Sapa
If a Zuma Trial Erupts in a Crisis, Let's Face It Now 2008-01-07 Cape Times
Zuma Trial Is No Reason For Bloodshed 2008-01-07 Pretoria News
Let Justice Take Its Course 2008-01-06 Cape Argus
SA's 'Vexing' Political Intrigue has European 'Diplomat' Begging for Leave or Relocation 2008-01-06 Sunday Independent
Zuma Tells Supporters to Stay Calm 2008-01-06 Sunday Independent
Maybe It's Time for Some Truth and Reconciliation about The Arms Deal 2008-01-06 The Times
Witnesses from All Walks of Life *** 2008-01-06 The Times
How Schabir Shaik Controlled Jacob Zuma for 10 Years 2008-01-06 The Times
Top Legal Eagles Warn Politicians 2008-01-05 Cape Argus
Private Wedding for Zuma Today 2008-01-05 The Witness
Possible Anarchy if Fairness of Zuma Trial Disputed : DA 2008-01-04 Sapa
Zuma Camp may be Magnanimous or Ruthless 2008-01-04 Business Day
The State vs Zuma (Take Two) 2008-01-04 Mail and Guardian
The Zuma Super Charges 2008-01-04 Mail and Guardian
Unsound Fury 2008-01-04 Mail and Guardian
Mixed Fortunes 2008-01-04 Cape Times
SA Flounders in Political Quagmire 2008-01-04 Cape Times
Zuma : I Will Fight to The End 2008-01-04 The Witness
Zuma Can Count On Me, says KZN Businessman 2008-01-04 Independent Online
Zuma and Team in No Hurry for Speedy Trial 2008-01-03 The Star
Zuma Trial Unlikely Before Aug, Lawyer 2008-01-03 The Star
Devoid of Reality 2008-01-03 Business Day
SA's Great Survivor Faces a Whole New Challenge 2008-01-03 Business Day
Zuma Case 2008-01-03 The Witness
Proving Their Innocence 2008-01-03 The Witness
NPA Speaks Out On Zuma 2008-01-02 Cape Argus
Big Guns Are Lined Up to Sink Zuma *** 2008-01-02 The Star