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June 2008

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Arrogant Seditious Speech 2008-06-30 The Witness
Zuma Loses Mauritian Application 2008-06-30 Business Day
DSO Investigators Did Not Have Security Clearance 2008-06-30 Business Day
Hlophe to File Response on Monday 2008-06-30 Business Day
ANC Asks Kwezi to Apologise to Zuma 2008-06-29 The Times
Zuma's Battle for Survival Takes SA into Dangerous Territory 2008-06-28 Business Day
Activist Wants Manuel to Pay 2008-06-27 Cape Times
MoD Responds to NAO Report on Hercules C-130 Airlift Capability 2008-06-27 ASD Network
Zille: Zuma Trying to Avoid Justice 2008-06-27 Mail and Guardian
Zuma's Lawyers Open New Front 2008-06-27 Mail and Guardian
SA Gives Lift to New-look Military Transporter 2008-06-27 Business Day
Zuma's Lawyer Warns Court of 'Consequences' 2008-06-26 Business Day
Pikoli 'Frustrated' at Delay in Ginwala Inquiry 2008-06-25 Business Day
Armscor Head Ducks MPs' Questions on CEO's 'Abuse' 2008-06-25 Business Day
NPA Charges of Tax Evasion are 'Improper', claims Zuma 2008-06-24 Cape Times
NPA Rejects Political 'Conspiracy' Theory 2008-06-24 Cape Times
ANC in kwaZulu-Natal Calls for Scrapping of Zuma Case 2008-06-23 Business Day
Thint Report Malicious, Sensationalist - ANC 2008-06-21 Business Day
Thint Has Pledged Money to KZN : ANC 2008-06-21 The Times
Mbeki Arms Deal Reports ’Defamatory’ 2008-06-20 Business Day
Thint Pays ANC Again 2008-06-20 The Times
Hlophe : The Big Questions 2008-06-20 Mail and Guardian
Germany Drops its SA Arms Deal Probe 2008-06-19 Cape Argus
Germany Halts Probe into SA Arms Deal 2008-06-19 Cape Times
'Mbeki Not Off The Hook' 2008-06-19 Cape Times
Arms Deal : State Failed to Provide Details 2008-06-19 Cape Times
Mbeki Off The Hook 2008-06-19 Cape Times
Accused - The Charges Against Judge John Hlophe 2008-06-19 Cape Argus
Hlophe: Concourt Won't Budge 2008-06-18 Cape Times
DA Wants Arms Deal Documents 2008-06-17 The Star
'We will kill for Zuma' 2008-06-17 Cape Times
Malema: I did not say that 2008-06-17 Cape Argus
Troopie Letter 2008-06-16 The Witness
DA Submits Access to Information Application on Arms Deal Probe 2008-06-16 Sapa
Judges Mull Hlophe Response 2008-06-16 The Star
Former ANC MP Calls for a New Probe into Arms Deal and Mbeki 2008-06-16 Cape Times
Feinstein Calls for Fresh Arms Deal Investigation 2008-06-13 Sapa
Crawford-Browne, Manual Agree on Court Process 2008-06-13 Sapa
Manuel Seeks to have 'Vexatious Litigant' Barred 2008-06-11 Cape Times
Scorpions Operative Powell Off the Hook 2008-06-10 Business Day
Manuel Fires Fresh Salvo at Arms Activist 2008-06-10 Cape Times
SA Air Force Losing Out as Pilots Jet Off to Australia 2008-06-09 Business Day
'A Complete Joke' 2008-06-07 Sunday Independent
High Noon for Judge Hlophe 2008-06-06 Mail and Guardian
Court Dismisses Arms Deal Application 2008-06-02 Sapa
Mbeki, Hlophe, Zuma 'Constitutional Vandals' 2008-06-02 Sapa
Beware This Slippery Slope 2008-06-02 Business Day
Court’s Handling of Hlophe Matter Hopelessly Flawed 2008-06-02 Business Day
Shaik Loses Another 'Negotiation' in His Long War with the NPA 2008-06-01 Sunday Independent
Defiant Hlophe Faces Axe 2008-06-01 Sunday Independent
'We Must Stop the Zuma Trial' 2008-06-01 Cape Argus