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March 2008

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Jacob's Friends Are Forever 2008-03-28 Daily News
Tutu Calls for Urgent Inquiry into Arms Deal Corruption 2008-03-28 Cape Times
Billiton Fires Standard Bank for 'Reckless Talk' 2008-03-28 Business Day
Tutu Calls for Arms-Deal Probe 2008-03-27 Mail and Guardian
German Arms Probe Fingers Late Modise 2008-03-26 The Sowetan
Parties Oppose Arms Deal Amnesty 2008-03-26 Business Day
What is Mbeki Trying to Hide? 2008-03-23 The Times
Chippy's Packing, But Denies It's for Australia 2008-03-23 The Times
New Probes Put Pressure on Mbeki 2008-03-23 Sunday Independent
Yet Another Top Investigator Faces Probe 2008-03-22 Independent Online
SA's Very Own Watergate 2008-03-22 Business Day
DA Presents German Court File to Back Call for Arms Deal Probe 2008-03-20 Business Day
Arms Deal Allegations Against Mbeki Baseless : Cabinet 2008-03-20 Sapa
The Truth (All of It) Will Do 2008-03-20 Mail and Guardian
Court Asked to Save Scorpions 2008-03-20 Mail and Guardian
Mbeki Faces Amnesty Pressure 2008-03-20 Mail and Guardian
Arms Probe Reopened 2008-03-20 Mail and Guardian
SA Arms Deal Officials Did Pay Bribes - Letter 2008-03-20 The Star
Archaic Law Bites Prof 2008-03-19 Cape Argus
ANC Loath to Discuss Arms-Deal Report in the Media 2008-03-19 Mail and Guardian
Pressing Matters 2008-03-19 The Witness
Cosatu Wants ANC Arms Report Made Public 2008-03-19 Business Day
ANC Denies Asking Mbeki to Explain Role in Arms Deal 2008-03-18 Business Day
Arms Deal Report Must Be Made Public : Cosatu 2008-03-18 Sapa
Eskom Wants 53 Percent Tariff Hike 2008-03-18 Sapa
New Scandal Erupts Over Shaik-linked Academic 2008-03-18 Cape Times
Three Vital Questions Mbeki Must Answer 2008-03-17 The Times
Arms Deal : DA Submits Tough Questions to Mbeki 2008-03-17 Mail and Guardian
Arms : Mbeki 'Must Explain' 2008-03-17 The Witness
Fallout Over Arms Deal Turns Heat on Mbeki 2008-03-17 Business Day
DA has Arms-Deal Queries for Mbeki 2008-03-17 Independent Online
Arms Deal Heat is on Mbeki 2008-03-17 The Citizen
DA Submits Questions on Mbeki's Arms Deal Involvement 2008-03-17 Sapa
ANC Stacking the Deck to Kill Scorpions 2008-03-16 Sunday Independent
Government Continues to Drag Its Heels in Arms Deal Probe 2008-03-16 Sunday Independent
Sexwale Tells Mbeki to Come Clean on Arms Deal 2008-03-16 Mail and Guardian
Government Stalling on Arms Deal Investigation 2008-03-16 Cape Argus
ANC Youth Leader Apologises 2008-03-15 Cape Argus
The Zuma Express is Starting to Rattle and Creak on the Bends 2008-03-15 Cape Argus
Shame of First Woman Admiral 2008-03-15 Cape Argus
Blog on : "Come Clean on The Arms Deal, ANC Tells Mbeki"  *** 2008-03-15 The Times
Come Clean on the Arms Deal, ANC tells Mbeki 2008-03-15 The Times
German Link to Arms Deal? 2008-03-14 News24
Details on Arms Deal Not Received 2008-03-14 Pretoria News
Zuma Takes Aim at Prosecutor Downer 2008-03-14 The Star
Arms Deal Amnesty an Option - Feinstein 2008-03-14 The Star
Will the NPA Thank JZ? 2008-03-14 Mail and Guardian
Arms Broker Did Give Cash to the ANC 2008-03-14 Mail and Guardian
Zuma, Thint say State Misinterpreted Law 2008-03-14 Business Day
Zuma Prosecutor Downer May End Up In The Dock 2008-03-14 Cape Times
Zuma’s Constitutional Court Challenge Continues Today, Judges Want to Get it Done 2008-03-13 The Witness
Tempers Flare in Lively Zuma Court Session 2008-03-13 Cape Argus
Zuma 'Protecting Rights, Not Trying to Quash Evidence' 2008-03-13 Cape Times
Kemp Says Zuma Documents Inadmissible 2008-03-13 Business Day
Zuma to Wait for Concourt Ruling 2008-03-13 Sapa
SA Waiting for German Details on Arms Deal Probe 2008-03-13 Sapa
Zuma Concourt Judgment Reserved 2008-03-13 Sapa
Mauritian Documents May Never Come Before Court 2008-03-13 Sapa
Arms Probe: Germany Waits for SA 2008-03-13 Saturday Independent
Jacob Zuma Faces Final Legal Frontier 2008-03-12 The Witness
Zuma's Court Bid Goes Into Overtime 2008-03-12 Cape Times
Yengeni Matter 'Decided Long Ago' 2008-03-12 Cape Times
Zuma Could Have Burnt Documents : Kemp 2008-03-12 Sapa
Zuma, Thint Already Seen Forensic Report 2008-03-12 Sapa
'Yengeni Cop' Dismissed In Cape Town 2008-03-12 Sapa
Zuma Conviction Very Possible, says State - II 2008-03-12 Sapa
Zuma Conviction Very Possible, says State 2008-03-12 Sapa
Zuma's Concourt Bid Goes to Third Day 2008-03-12 Sapa
Zuma's Concourt Bid Continues 2008-03-12 Sapa
Judge Has 'No Difficulty' with Raid Evidence 2008-03-12 Cape Argus
Zuma Counsel 'Unconvincing' 2008-03-12 Cape Argus
Pre-Trial Pleas 'Give Justice a Bad Name' 2008-03-12 Business Day
Mauritian Leader 'Told Zuma He Could Not Intervene in Case' 2008-03-12 Business Day
Argument on Validity of Zuma Warrants 2008-03-11 Sapa
Concourt Also Hears Zuma, Thint Appeal 2008-03-11 Sapa
Zuma Search Warrants "Vague, Invalid" 2008-03-11 Sapa
Thint Asks Why It Was Targeted in Zuma Raids 2008-03-11 Sapa
Search Warrants No Rubber Stamp, Court Hears 2008-03-11 Sapa
No Statute Governs Search Warrants : Thint 2008-03-11 Sapa
Zuma, Thint get to Appeal Search Raids 2008-03-11 Sapa
'Boxes of Zuma's Financial Records Taken' 2008-03-11 Cape Times
Zuma in Court Bid to Stop Use of Documents in His Trial 2008-03-11 Cape Times
Yengeni Cop Loses His Job After Being Found Guilty 2008-03-11 Cape Argus
D-Day for Zuma's Bid to Stop Courts 2008-03-11 Cape Argus
Mbeki Beats Trail To Mauritius Just Weeks After Zuma's Visit 2008-03-11 Business Day
Pay Up or I'll sue - Zuma 2008-03-10 Cape Argus
SA Crime Sent 'Lord of War' Packing 2008-03-10 Business Day
When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going - Far Away 2008-03-09 The Times
Tension rises as Mbeki heads for Mauritius 2008-03-09 Cape Argus
Zuma Diary Delay 2008-03-08 The Saturday Independent
Manuel 'Sad' after Court Victory 2008-03-08 Cape Argus
Mauritius Seeks Time in Zuma Case 2008-03-08 Cape Argus
Zuma to Have His Say over Papers 2008-03-07 Business Day
‘Battered’ Manuel Silences Arms Deal Foe with Court Order 2008-03-07 Business Day
Eskom Exported Power During Crisis 2008-03-07 The Times
Hands off Manuel, Arms Activist Told 2008-03-07 Cape Times
Concourt: Zuma's Last Stand 2008-03-06 Mail and Guardian
The Sting in the Tail of the Scorpions 2008-03-06 Cape Argus
Manuel Gags Arms Deal Critic 2008-03-06 Cape Argus
Manuel Wins Gag on Corruption Claims 2008-03-06 Business Day
Manuel Wins Corruption Gag Order 2008-03-06 Cape Times
Assignment : Jacob Zuma  *** 2008-03-06 BBC World News
New Set of Fat Cats will Milk Zuma-Era BEE 2008-03-05 Business Day
Fake Doctor 2008-30-04 The Witness
SARS Mum on Jacob Zuma 2008-03-03 The Times
Chippy Shaik 'Not the Only Plagiarist' at UKZN 2008-03-03 Sapa
Shaiks Insist Plagiarism Accusations are False  *** 2008-03-03 Cape Argus
Shaik to Challenge UKZN 2008-03-03 Daily News
State Accuses Zuma, Thint of Cover-up Bid 2008-03-03 Business Day
Chippy Shaik Stripped of Degree 2008-03-03 Business Day
BAE Corruption Probe Turns to Commissions 2008-03-02 Sunday Telegraph
Audit May Give ANC a Fund Raising Headache 2008-03-02 Independent Online
The Upper Echelons of ANC Remain Strangely Quiet on Zuma 2008-03-02 Cape Argus
Schabir Shaik's Brother Stripped of Doctorate 2008-03-02 SABC News
'Plagiarist' Chippy Shaik Stripped of UKZN Degree 2008-03-02 The Witness
No 'Anti-Shaik Agenda' at KZN but Chippy Loses Degree  *** 2008-03-02 Sunday Independent
A Family of Liars : The Shaiks 2008-03-02 andrewlagrange.com
mischiefm said 2008-03-02 The Times
Ambassador Faces Questions over BAE Deal 2008-03-01 Sunday Telegraph
Chippy, You Cheat! 2008-03-01 The Times
KZN University Strips Chippy Shaik of His Doctoral Degree  *** 2008-03-01 The Star