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April 2009

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Mpshe ‘sloppy and undisciplined' - Seagroatt 2009-04-30 politicsweb
Zuma ignores NPA demand 2009-04-30 Cape Times
Mpshe leaves decision on evidence to Zuma 2009-04-25 Cape Argus
From Accused No1 to Mr President 2009-04-24 Mail and Guardian
Recall these lies? More corruption is on its way unless we start remembering ... 2009-04-23 Cape Argus
Denel launches scheme to help suppliers become global players 2009-04-23 Business Day
He would’ve gone down 2009-04-20 Sunday World
Full statement after probe into Shaik doctors 2009-04-20 Cape Times
NPA decision could be an attack on the rule of law 2009-04-18 Business Day
Mpshe takes the law into his own hands 2009-04-18 Business Day
Malema : Splitters stole arms-deal cash 2009-04-17 Sunday Times
Special treatment at the SIU? 2009-04-17 Mail and Guardian
Mpshe’s Big Fong Kong 2009-04-17 Mail and Guardian
NIA may be Guilty of a Serious Offence - Law Expert 2009-04-16 Cape Times
NPA ruling on Zuma was unlawful, says expert 2009-04-16 Cape Times
Zuma's Challenge 2009-04-15 Cape Argus
Abuse of Process 2009-04-15 Wikipedia
NPA Admits to 'Cribbing' Decision on Zuma 2009-04-15 Cape Times
NPA Boss Accused of Cribbing Zuma Ruling 2009-04-14 Cape Argus
Did Mpshe Plagiarise a Hong Kong Judge? 2009-04-14 politicsweb
South Africa’s Last Chance 2009-04-13 New York Times
'Love, Forgiveness are Liberating Emotion's 2009-04-12 Cape Argus
Zuma prosecutor is down, but far from out 2009-04-12 Cape Argus
Beware the cloak and dagger, warns Erwin 2009-04-12 Cape Argus
Tapes did not come from Fraser, says Hulley 2009-04-12 Cape Times
Mr Mpshe : Here are five better reasons to let Zuma off the hook 2009-04-11 The Star
Turning Point 2009-04-11 Cape Argus
Tapes were NPA’s way out of tight spot 2009-04-11 Business Day
Parliament sought NPA probe 2009-04-11 Business Day
Free, free at last from that pesky rule of law 2009-04-11 Sunday Times
Open letter to the National Director of Public Prosecutions 2009-04-10 Cape Argus
Can we get a refund for NPA's wasted millions? 2009-04-09 Cape Argus
An open letter from an arms deal opponent to the advocates of the NP 2009-04-09 Cape Argus
DA lays charges against Zuma's lawyer, NIA boss 2009-04-09 Mail and Guardian
'The NPA is very upset about it' 2009-04-09 Mail and Guardian
What Mpshe should have said 2009-04-09 Mail and Guardian
Chippy Shaik Sneaks into the Country 2009-04-09 Sowetan
Sergeant at the Bar: McCarthy the fall guy 2009-04-08 Mail and Guardian
Zuma's Mastery in Evading Questions 2009-04-08 Mail and Guardian
Jacob Zuma *** 2009-04-07 ABC Television
Zuma to Receive High Court's Blessing 2009-04-07 Mail and Guardian
The Spy Who Saved Zuma 2009-04-07 Mail and Guardian
The NPA’s Call just Scrapes Home 2009-04-07 Mail and Guardian
Jacob Zuma and the French Connection 2009-04-07 ABC Television
‘Gestaakte Vervolging Slag vir Wapenbedryf’ *** 2009-04-07 Volksblad
ANC MP Booed for Defending Zuma 2009-04-07 Sapa
De Lille barred from NPA headquarters 2009-04-06 Cape Times
NPA news conference: same old story but with a fresh twist 2009-04-06 Cape Times
Will NPA give Zuma an early birthday present? 2009-04-06 Sunday Independent
Why I decided to drop the Zuma charges - Mpshe 2009-04-06 NPA
The NPA and Zuma: who did what and when ... the role players 2009-04-06 Business Day
Zuma widely expected to be let off the hook today 2009-04-06 Business Day
D-day for Zuma 2009-04-05 Cape Argus
NPA membersto face charges over spy tapes? 2009-04-05 Cape Argus
The Man of Steel 2009-04-04 The Times
The Prince of Plots 2009-04-04 The Times
NPA discretion is not arbitrary 2009-04-04 The Times
JZ’s swat team 2009-04-04 The Times
The long and winding road 2009-04-04 The Times
The high price of investigating an ANC president 2009-04-04 The Times
Not the last word on arms deal bribes 2009-04-04 The Times
Zuma Free 2009-04-04 The Times
Sleepwalkers on a riot for Zuma 2009-04-04 Business Day
Green light for Zuma? 2009-04-04 The Star
NPA deeply divided about Zuma - Zille 2009-04-03 The Star
Tension mounts as Zuma decision nears 2009-04-03 Cape Argus
A shameful day 2009-04-03 Mail and Guardian
The case against Jacob G Zuma 2009-04-03 Mail and Guardian
Champagne on Ice for JZ 2009-04-03 Mail and Guardian
Zuma charges: Mpshe to meet Surty 2009-04-03 Cape Times
NPA Zuma Announcement on Monday 2009-04-03 Sapa
Judges unite in overturning Hlophe ruling 2009-04-02 Business Day
Is NPA entitled to drop Zuma charges? 2009-04-02 Cape Times
Tutu doesn't relish Zuma presidency 2009-04-02 Cape Times
Spy Wars 2009-04-02 Cape Argus
McCarthy Spy Tapes Surface 2009-04-02 Cape Argus
Zuma Probe Has Taken Too Long 2009-04-02 The Star
Close Book on Arms Deal - Malema 2009-04-01 Cape Times
Zuma left to sweat by NPA 2009-04-01 Cape Times
NPA to Give Zuma Decision on Friday 2009-04-01 Business Day